EFC Challenge Serial 6 Contest

videoEFC Community introducing another part of fingerboard contests, EFC Challenge Serial. Third volume will be held 6th December 2014 in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague, Czech Republic. EFC Challenge Serial is another addition to our fingerboard competitions like the original critically acclaimed EFC European Fingerboard Cup, bringing new fresh features and elements. EFC Challenge Serial is not a substitute for the EFC European Cup but we decide to add even more contests from the EFC universe (more…)

SNS Snobstyle GX3 Exotic LightWeight

SnobstyleNew Exotic GX3 LW Series Snobstyle Fingerboards. The new SNS GX3 Series brings you the professional responsive concave shape GX. It has perfect ratio for both grinding stability and response. GX series combines two important factors in one. Decent shortening of nose and tail for better stability and side concave trim for better response makes the SNS GX concave today´s top product. SNS technology (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Ladronka Fest 2013

Ladronka Fest 2013Fresh new EFC Community video from one of the largest leissure fesival in cental europe, Ladronka Fest. Beatifull later summer day, lot’s of fingerboarding and chilling atmosphere. More information about Ladronka fest we bring you in one of the articles. (more…)

SNS Team 2013 VideoSet

SNS Snobstyle TeamSNS Snobstyle Fingerboards Team video release. In this pack you can see 4 videos from the SNS Team Riders featuring Jakub Hofhanzl and Lukas Vorechovsky from Czech Republic, Tim Egner from Germany and Martin Hluchy from Slovakia. Visit our Youtube channel to play it. You will found the links at the bottom of this article under the video links section. (more…)

EFC Com. at Ladronka Fest 2013

Ladronka Fest 2013EFC Community will be on Ladronkafest, which is the largest leisure time festival in the Central Europe with an objective to present and offer young people options for spending quality leisure time. The festival presents a mix of culture, music, art, adrenalin, show and entertainment, fingerboarding included. In the event area visitors can participate in all kinds of activities and try out various sports, creative workshops (more…)

Video: European Fingerboard Club – Prague

After Fingerboard Encounter contest, where was Harry the honest guest, was a small night session, where Harry created this awesome video. Video will nicely show you, it was kind session with a lot of fun. In video you can see riders: Martin Hluchy, Lukas Vorechovsky, but Harry himself too. However, thank´s to the fact, that Harry created this catches, he is seen here only short time. But we have catches of him from a second camera, so after cut process you will see him in our next video. (more…)

Winkler Wheels 2.0 Signatures

Winkler Wheels company has always been in elite companies of this fingerboarding segment. They were always established the trend. Now Winkler Wheels made this new Signatures edition, with a new mold, better material and good crafting. If you are interested in this new edition, we have a good news for you. Wheels are on stock. You can buy them on SWAT e-shop here or in an European Fingerboard Club, Prague, here. Wheels gallery bellow. (more…)

EFC Club: New park, Blackriver G10

European Fingerboard Club´s arsenal is now bigger. Ad always, it isn´t only some small increase, but downright a new Blackriver ramps, parc G 10. One fact, that speaks for everything is, that this parc was the main in the famous Fast Fingers contest. Parc is totally ready for Saturday´s Fingerboard Encounter contest, so if you´re going there, you will be one of the firsts, who try this parc. Gallery of parc you can find bellow. (more…)

Video: EFC Challenge Serial vol. 3

It´s a few months away from this traditional contest from EFC Challenge, which ran in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague space. Off course this action didn´t run away from eye of camera and this is the final product. In a video you will see many interesting catches from the most important moments. Video clearly captures contest atmosphere, which was in really friendly spirit and this is the right way. Closer informations and details of a contests we wrote earlier (more…)

Video: +blackriver+ goes to USA 2011 – PART 2

As you know. Blackriver team was in 2011 on tour in the USA. It was written in Fingerboarder magazine. Then we saw the first part of a tour video. Now we have the second. We have to say, in the same quality. Riders are the same: Boris Dietschi, Chris Heck, Andreas Hick a Chris Daniels. Video has a 5 minutes and it´s in 2 parts. In one, you will see the normal life of members and in a second off course fingerboarding. Obliviously on a great street spots. (more…)

Blackriver ramps: XGames Park

Blackriver ramps are involved in this European X-Games. And for this occasion, they made a special park. It isn´t only park in type: Ok we made some park, that people won´t say, we are pissed on it. It´s really original new fresh idea and design. We believe, that you will like it as we. We appreciate, park is simmilar on both sides, so left handed riders aren´t discriminated. Photos of a park you can find bellow. Write comments and opinions about this park. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter (AAR)

Fingerboard EncounterOn day 22.6. was organised Fingerboard Encounter Contest, where came an abroad support, Harald Schön from ASI Berlin Team. Club doors were open from 11 a.m. and whole contest was started at 1 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Contest was assembled from 2 sections. The first one was for 45 seconds and ended with last trick, which rider had to draw. Second section was a parc section, where riders choosed any trick. To the second round came the best 10 (more…)

ASI No. 8!

My friends, now can all of you look forward for this cultic german contest. Nearly noticed event has an official poster in punk style as always. The list of sponsors is very big and interesting. You can find here also Swat Shop and Propaganda industries. Action will start in 10. August in Berlin and it all takes 3 days. Positive fact is, that entry is totally free. Rider´s fee is 10 Euro. This is only a small price for so big contest. For every next information read the poster bellow. (more…)

Video: Blackriver Village

This video is really without aplifying pure perfection. This video from Taylor Rosenbauer won´t beat somebody or something. It´s really hard to describe it with words and when we´ll try it, it won´t sound as good as a video. Over 7.000 times played video-that speaks itself. If you are on a bring of a coma and you are going sleep right now, because at 4 a.m. you are going to work 12 hour shift in a building company, you have to see it right now. (more…)

Video: +BRR+ Store Berlin – Outdoor Session

Harald Schon made for us really piece of art. He used a great weather and great squad in Blackriver Store, Berlin and made an outdoor video. And he made it really great-as always. And he didn´t need something special. Guys just used for perfect tricks only ground, bin and scooter. Harald made in video hard job-you will see really great slow motion catches, so you will see a proffesional experience (more…)

Crossed Fingers 2

Cadency of Crossed Fingers contest is pretty big. It´s only few months from Crossed fingers sessions and we have an official anouncement of second Crossed contest. All action will run in 31. August, so it´s a great leave of summer holidays. Absolutely inviting is prize money, 200 Pounds. Sponsors are inviting too. Here we can´t miss Swat-Shop, Propaganda or Snobstyle Decks. For another info, read the poster bellow. (more…)

Best trick contest

Today we have for you another contest anouncement, this time from Germany. It´s fourth part of Best trick contest made from Blackriver ramps, traditionally in Blackriver store, Berlin. Whole action is in 20. July and you can look forward for awesome parks, fingerboard stars and very good atmosphere. For registration or other info please read poster bellow. (more…)

Taboard Fingerboard Jam 2013

Taboard Fingerboard Jam 2013Taboard Fingerboard Jam 2013. 31.8.2013, MP7, Žižkovo náměstí 7, Tábor, Czech Republic. Start 14.00. Entry Free. Registration: 20 Czk / 1EUR. Park Setup: Street Plaza, Blackriver G8 plaza. Program: Live dj’s, open bar, videoprojection. Live music: Bros’n”beats, Crows above, + Afterparty. Sponsors: MP7, Bernard, Taboard, SWAT, SNS Snobstyle, Propaganda-Industries, EFC Community, Blackriver, Fingerboarding. (more…)

Custom Pool contest

If you have a home made bowl, you must read this post! Morph and Berlinwood are making contest, but it´s isn´t a casual contest. It´s more special event. You just send a photo of your home made bowl and the best will get a prize from organizators. It´s absolutely tempting, because you can look out, how much is your work good and win something special. Photos you can send on Facebook or Twitter of organizators. For other informations please read the poster bellow. Good luck. (more…)

Video: Snow Pine

We really don´t know, why Mike Schneider named this video Snow Pine, but it doesn´t change the fact, that video is really good. Mike has a lot of time, so he just made street spot in front of his living room, which off course looks awesome. This video is test of a ramp with his friends. As always you can look forward for many great tricks and catches. Used music just highlights the chill atmosphere. (more…)

Video: Harald Schön – Outdoor Adventure 2013

If you are looking on an outdoor fingerboard videos, they are in 99,9% from cities, because in city is a lot of great marble or concrete spots. Also some launched old water fountains too. But Harald Schon made something different. He made outdoor video in front of nature. The most of time is Harald using old pieces of concrete, which was littered behind the city. Sometimes he´s using some hard identificated spots. (more…)

Video: Sonata + oldie OCE

We have told a tons of positive words about black and white vides. So now we are telling for myself, if it´s worth to write something about it again. It has. Please, let´s make more black and white videos my friends. It´s really something different with style. Black and white video will let you make an optical effect like here, when it looks like it´s fingerboarding only hand without body. Just use black clothes and effect is done. So let´s do it. (more…)

Video: Blackriver Store Berlin -Juntage…2013

3x hurray! Dirty Harry is making a lot of videos, but no with his fingerboarding. Most of his videos is filled with fingerboarding of his friends at Harric´s or some contest. Now after longer time, we can see him fingerboarding in Blackriver store, Berlin. We can see, that he isn´t in Blackriver ramps team only for garnish. We have to say, that Harry is here only few times. The remainder of a video is catches of another riders, but still hurray. (more…)

Video: Two perspectives

Very amazing video from Jonny Bautista and Luis Castaneda. They made a small sesion on their minimalistic park and the result is almost 3 minutes of fingerboarding. Firstly their park is awesome. It isn´t fussy and marble parts put it on a next level. Some of you will say, that they must buy it somewhere, but this should be their good job. Off course this video is also about fingerboarding and you will see a good fingerboarding. (more…)

Video: Zombies

Who doesn´t like zombies?! Poor guys are so endearingly clumsy, they can´t walk good and their extremities are still falling on the floor. Nobody of them wanted to wake up from empire of death, so we can´t be angry about fact, that they want to eat us. The same train of thought had a Mr. Fingerboard, who made this creatures in decay whole video. Good tricks are filled with some cuts of horrors and video has a good atmosphere. Choking hazard for weaker natures. (more…)