Video: Fast Fingers 16

We have seen a milion of a videos from Fast Fingers 16. This video is on the internet since today, but because of his quality, we have to post it here. A small problem of that milion videos is, that videos didnt shown the whole contest. Only some sessions, but no contest rides. This video is different. The most of catches are from rides of amazing riders orsolemnly proclaimancy. And then some catches from other parts of contest. (more…)


Fingerboarding is worldwide few years and now we see, that fingerboarding isnt dead in Polland. Katowice city was the place of Grand Fingers Contest, which was made in local skatepark. Krzysiek Kozi?ski made a video report for us. Interesting thing is a “colorful” park, where is everything, with (however) plastic ramps. But this is only a small negative and colorful is also a list of riders, so as always: many styles, many tricks and original ideas. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Best trick contest

Today we have for you another contest anouncement, this time from Germany. Its fourth part of Best trick contest made from Blackriver ramps, traditionally in Blackriver store, Berlin. Whole action is in 20. July and you can look forward for awesome parks, fingerboard stars and very good atmosphere. For registration or other info please read poster bellow. (more…)

Crossed Fingers 2

Cadency of Crossed Fingers contest is pretty big. Its only few months from Crossed fingers sessions and we have an official anouncement of second Crossed contest. All action will run in 31. August, so its a great leave of summer holidays. Absolutely inviting is prize money, 200 Pounds. Sponsors are inviting too. Here we cant miss Swat-Shop, Propaganda or Snobstyle Decks. For another info, read the poster bellow. (more…)

Video: Lagrimas

Alexis Ramayo is one of more active riders. Hes video cadence is almost like from Mike Schneider or Dirty Harry. Today he posted next thing, which is in a peace. Here is kind music, no furious temp of tricks, just chill..Alexis needed for this only few ramps, so you see, that you dont need expensive hardware for good video. Sometimes is good just book or some other cheap things. (more…)

Video: Hitooth Engrave Series

Tommy Hermawan showed for us his new video, which offers you exept good fingerboarding something more. Look on very good made concrete park. The park type is oldschool, so we really like it. Nice radiuses and rail + idea with water spot, which must weaker riders hate. In video you will se, that one rider had a problem with it and no only once. Completely is video in peace. (more…)

Video: Lowpro Talents – Alfrd Kovcs

Off course, that on a first place of our fingerboard videos ranking is fingerboarding. We wont give here some good crafted videos with bad fingerboarding. But this video has firstly good fingerboarding and secondly nice effects. We are really interested about, how did he made it? Maybe he once tell it. You will see, that something is unbelievable. Effect are good mixed with quality fingerboarding and every part is good balanced. (more…)

Video: AAGUAA ? – FingerWakeSkate

We have written some posts about this amazing thing. We also think, that this Wake Skate is very actual. Summer is here and everyone totally know, how use this gadget (?). Every aquaparc has some spots for this Wake skate. There is a lot of radiueses or rails. And exactly this you will see in a video. Really big usage. You can make every flip or slade. But you will see it, so enjoy.


Video: Norratrd fingerbords

Hell yeah, this is the type of a videos, that we really love. Just summer idyll, which is really good for this Sunday night time. It has everything. Skateboarding, fingerboarding,sea, nice girl and sun. What more you need for happiness? We thing only cold beer. Author used for fingerboarding almost everything. Ground, books or wharf. Used music is great, camera too and thanks to a good weather also good natural lighting. (more…)

Video: +BRR+ Store Berlin – Outdoor Session

Harald Schon made for us really piece of art. He used a great weather and great squad in Blackriver Store, Berlin and made an outdoor video. And he made it really great-as always. And he didnt need something special. Guys just used for perfect tricks only ground, bin and scooter. Harald made in video hard job-you will see really great slow motion catches, so you will see a proffesional experience (more…)

Video: Blackriver Village

This video is really without aplifying pure perfection. This video from Taylor Rosenbauer wont beat somebody or something. Its really hard to describe it with words and when well try it, it wont sound as good as a video. Over 7.000 times played video-that speaks itself. If you are on a bring of a coma and you are going sleep right now, because at 4 a.m. you are going to work 12 hour shift in a building company, you have to see it right now. (more…)

Video: Ayo

What should we say about that? You can just look forward for friendly session. How this friendly session looks like? One kitchen, some beers, many interesting ramps and a lot of fun. All is sealed with a kind guitar music and camera, which doesnt piss you off. A crowd of Mike Schneider is a just good riders and they can use just everything for fingerboarding. (more…)

Video: Psychedelic Elephant 2

Global level of fingerboard videos is so better last months. Riders doesnt “only” buying a high quality cameras, but they are trying to have a different style of catches, lighting or effects. Um, Thibault Chapiron did it very well! his work with video is really awesome. Effect like multiple catch, reverse play of video or green smoke looks pretty cool and it all is involved by psycho music. Video has a personal feeling and you will like it. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter (AAR)

Fingerboard EncounterOn day 22.6. was organised Fingerboard Encounter Contest, where came an abroad support, Harald Schn from ASI Berlin Team. Club doors were open from 11 a.m. and whole contest was started at 1 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Contest was assembled from 2 sections. The first one was for 45 seconds and ended with last trick, which rider had to draw. Second section was a parc section, where riders choosed any trick. To the second round came the best 10 (more…)