EFC – Dreamland

EFC - Dreamland

EFC Dreamland is the first global online fingerboard contest with a dynamic order and on-line monitoring results. The race is designed in the form of independent rounds, where in each round a rider video their ride and besides the ride itself, they have to show one of three tricks that vary in difficulty, as well as in prizes that can be won in the different difficulty rounds. Thus, the contest may involve beginners as well as experienced riders. The race is held in separate categories; therefore, individual prizes are separated. The video can be up to 60 seconds long and can contain any tricks, but must include the selected trick at least once. Detailed information, rules and registration can be found on the EFC Dreamland official website.

On the internet:

Official webpages of EFC Dreamland.
Official facebook page of EFC Dreamland.
Official webpages of EFC European Fingerboard Community.