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EFC Fingerboard Club Universe is the foundation project for the establishment of low threshold clubs in the area covered by the EFC Community. The first such club is the EFC Fingerboard Club Prague and it is the first ever dedicated low threshold club with professional equipment in the European sector. The club serves as the community low threshold centre in which the young people can spend free time efectively, safe and undisturbed. All that is going on in professional parks of +blackriver+ and many other obstacles from the fingerboard top producers. Part of the club is a testing centre where it is possible to test and try the majority of professional equipment free of charge. This service is unique worldwide. The club also has a leisure zone. For parents we offer thematic courses for leisure activities such as fingerboard school and others. The EFC Club is also determined to hold races and there is also a new possibility of providing the club space for both commercial and non-commercial entities for the purpose of organizing their own events, competitions, etc. and all of that in a first-class, professional equipment.

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