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contests & eventsThis link will direct you to the section where you can find a filter of all event notifications at once but also the photo and video galleries of those actions and events which we held, or took part in their organizing or sponsoring.  

fingerboarding in mediaFingerboarding together with other partners sometimes appear in the media. In this section you can watch videos, somehow connected with event organizing or just with fingerboarding. Click and see what we have here.  

ridersIf you want to watch videos of riders from all over the world, this is the right place. Here you can find various professional and amateur videos. If you would like to present yourself, there is nothing easier than sending us a link to your video. Use the contact form.  

fingerboard parksIn this section you will find a fingerboard parks gallery, from professional to homemade amateur parks. If you build your own park which is interesting or unusual, you can send more information using the contacts section and we will publish it on the website.  

tricktipsYou can learn some tricks or just read tutorials. Here you will find trick-tips which will certainly help you to have a better understanding of each trick. If you want to help other riders with some tricks, we welcome your own tutorials in this section.  

productsWe keep a close eye on all interesting news in fingerboarding. In this section you will find information about brand new or older products, which in our opinion, is worth attention. Just click and absorb all the information.  

reviewsIf you are thinking about buying a product and looking for an extended review, which is not a part of the notice, one of such can be found here, perhaps.


All in one:

all photosIf you want all articles with photos, youll find them in this category. Everything associated with fingerboarding is here. If you like shooting fingerboard photos, you can draw inspiration from here.

all videosWe have all articles containing any video in this section. All published videos are here. Every rider, every event, everything somehow associated with riding and fingerboarding.