EFC Challenge Serial Contest report

videoEFC Challenge Serial contest is over and I’ll give you some information about it. At 11 a.m. the registration started. We had 24 contestants from various parts of Czech Republic and one from Slovakia. After 1 p.m. qualificiations started. 16 riders qualified to quarter final where they were divided into 4 groups of 4 and they played Game of Skate. Last two riders from each group went to semifinal. There were 5 riders in final Game of Skate. Markta Do?kalov was the best during whole contest so she won that, congratulations!

1. Markta Do?kalov
2. Jan Uhl?
3. Duong Pham Ngoc
4. Stanislav Yovzhiy
5. Jan Karsch
6. Klra ?elikovsk
7. Adam B?a
8. Ester Valtrov
9. Josef ?u?k
10. Robin ?astn
11. Tom Mca
12. Petr Eli
13. Martin Hluch
14. Tony Le Minh
15. Marek Svato
16. Ji? Rfus
17. Leon Maita
18. Jakub Duda
19. Vojt?ch Koudelka
20. Petr Brancskui
21. David ?epek
22. Vojt?ch Buday
23. Jan Loska
24. imon Hons?
25. Josef Hanus

Final results
1. Markta Do?kalov
2. Stanislav Yovzhiy
3. Jan Karsch
4. Adam B?a
5. Jan Uhl?

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