SNS Snobstyle GX3 Exotic LightWeight

SnobstyleNew Exotic GX3 LW Series Snobstyle Fingerboards. The new SNS GX3 Series brings you the professional responsive concave shape GX. It has perfect ratio for both grinding stability and response. GX series combines two important factors in one. Decent shortening of nose and tail for better stability and side concave trim for better response makes the SNS GX concave todays top product. SNS technology was further inovated, you can now fully enjoy the benefits of the lightest materials and precision exotic lightweight wood where the boards get the real look effect. SNS GX are made exclusively under last standard of SDP fabrication and every single deck is finished by hand to perfection, guaranteeing luxury fingerboard deck and shape. GX series include PROPAGANDA INDUSTRIES Response Tape and Premium Hardware. SNS GX is intended for people demanding fully professional Hi-End equipment with no compromise or shortcuts.



SNS Snobstyle Fingerboards.


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