Fingerboard Encounter (AAR)

Fingerboard EncounterOn day 22.6. was organised Fingerboard Encounter Contest, where came an abroad support, Harald Schn from ASI Berlin Team. Club doors were open from 11 a.m. and whole contest was started at 1 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Contest was assembled from 2 sections. The first one was for 45 seconds and ended with last trick, which rider had to draw. Second section was a parc section, where riders choosed any trick. To the second round came the best 10 and then was summed points from all rounds, which decided about action to the ginal Game of SKATE. To the final G.O.S came Stanislav Yovzhiy, Jan Uhlir, Marketa Dockalova, Robin Stastny and Jan Karsch. With anchorage the winner is Marketa Dockalova, second was Robin Stastny and the third was Jan Uhlir and Jan Karsch. Action was continued with a small party to the morning of next day. Wed like to see you next time in a club. Thank you for every who went here and contest partners and sponsors: EFC European Fingerboard Community, SWAT, VUSVP, Blackriver Ramps, SNS Fingerboards, Propaganda Industries, WinklerWheels, BerlinWood, Harrier Ramps, ASI,, Bollie, Fingerboarder Magazine. Check the complete Fingerboard Encounter picture gallery by Dirty Harry at the EFC Fingerboard Club Prague Gallery site link

Fingerboard Encounter

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Complete Fingerboard Encounter Picture Gallery: Link
(Courtesy of Dirty Harry)


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