SNS Team 2013 VideoSet

SNS Snobstyle TeamSNS Snobstyle Fingerboards Team video release. In this pack you can see 4 videos from the SNS Team Riders featuring Jakub Hofhanzl and Lukas Vorechovsky from Czech Republic, Tim Egner from Germany and Martin Hluchy from Slovakia. Visit our Youtube channel to play it. You will found the links at the bottom of this article under the video links section. (more…)

EFC Com. at Ladronka Fest 2013

Ladronka Fest 2013EFC Community will be on Ladronkafest, which is the largest leisure time festival in the Central Europe with an objective to present and offer young people options for spending quality leisure time. The festival presents a mix of culture, music, art, adrenalin, show and entertainment, fingerboarding included. In the event area visitors can participate in all kinds of activities and try out various sports, creative workshops (more…)