Video: Blackriver Village

This video is really without aplifying pure perfection. This video from Taylor Rosenbauer wont beat somebody or something. Its really hard to describe it with words and when well try it, it wont sound as good as a video. Over 7.000 times played video-that speaks itself. If you are on a bring of a coma and you are going sleep right now, because at 4 a.m. you are going to work 12 hour shift in a building company, you have to see it right now. (more…)

Video: Ayo

What should we say about that? You can just look forward for friendly session. How this friendly session looks like? One kitchen, some beers, many interesting ramps and a lot of fun. All is sealed with a kind guitar music and camera, which doesnt piss you off. A crowd of Mike Schneider is a just good riders and they can use just everything for fingerboarding. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Psychedelic Elephant 2

Global level of fingerboard videos is so better last months. Riders doesnt “only” buying a high quality cameras, but they are trying to have a different style of catches, lighting or effects. Um, Thibault Chapiron did it very well! his work with video is really awesome. Effect like multiple catch, reverse play of video or green smoke looks pretty cool and it all is involved by psycho music. Video has a personal feeling and you will like it. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter (AAR)

Fingerboard EncounterOn day 22.6. was organised Fingerboard Encounter Contest, where came an abroad support, Harald Schn from ASI Berlin Team. Club doors were open from 11 a.m. and whole contest was started at 1 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m. Contest was assembled from 2 sections. The first one was for 45 seconds and ended with last trick, which rider had to draw. Second section was a parc section, where riders choosed any trick. To the second round came the best 10 (more…)

Video: Illusion

This video is just a masterpiece. Even you dont like fingerboarding, you should love this video. Because of a technical side of that. Camera is awesome, sound in total harmony with video and cut, special effect and other clever pieces of this thing are making an exclusive thing from this video. Alexis Ramayo made a really good job. He worked hard, but the results worth it. Fingerboarding has the same level. Beautiful and simple style, without some stupid additives. (more…)

ASI No. 8!

My friends, now can all of you look forward for this cultic german contest. Nearly noticed event has an official poster in punk style as always. The list of sponsors is very big and interesting. You can find here also Swat Shop and Propaganda industries. Action will start in 10. August in Berlin and it all takes 3 days. Positive fact is, that entry is totally free. Riders fee is 10 Euro. This is only a small price for so big contest. For every next information read the poster bellow. (more…)

Video: Realistic Fence Spot Fingerboarding

We know, that we posted a video from Mike Schneider today, but this is very amazing, so here you have it. Its a video from an outdoor spot. We dont know, who made it-maybe Mike himself, but it looks really awesome. It has a small fence, that looks like original one. Park has a lot of radiuses like in a skate park. Really precious crafted. Exept Mike there are some his friends, so you will see other styles. (more…)

Blackriver ramps: XGames Park

Blackriver ramps are involved in this European X-Games. And for this occasion, they made a special park. It isnt only park in type: Ok we made some park, that people wont say, we are pissed on it. Its really original new fresh idea and design. We believe, that you will like it as we. We appreciate, park is simmilar on both sides, so left handed riders arent discriminated. Photos of a park you can find bellow. Write comments and opinions about this park. (more…)

Video: Hand Pee Adventures

We just should say only: All video made Mike Schneider and Mike Schneider is also riding here and almost everyone will know, what is video like. But we are still going to describe it. Mike Schneider is one of the few happy, who have a lot of money, a lot of parks and a lot of time. So he and his friends just made a session in space of Fingerboard Rendezvous. And the results? Tricks, that you dont know about their existence in a beautiful slow motion catches and very original music. Just Mike Schneider. (more…)

Video: Fingerboard Rendezvous 15

This is really big load of fingerboarding! It all made Chris Kraft and 16 minutes of catches are speaking themselves. Thanks to this lenght, you can look forward for really everything, what should be in a Fingerboard Rendezvous video. A lot of parcs, riders and off course Blackriver ramps team. Only bad thing is sometimes the bad quality of video. Exept this is video awesome, so have wish to you a lot of fun. (more…)

Video: Full Length 2013 – Mallory Curtis

This title isnt here only by accident. Because video has almost 5 minutes, so thats a big load. Its all because in Mallory Curtiss city rained a lot so what to do right now? He said. And he solved it pretty well. He made this. First you will see the psycho cut and then great styled one finger imposible. It has a great tempo from start to the end. Author changed lighting and ramps, so video is colorful on every side. (more…)

Fingerboard Encounter: Results

Prague contest Fingerboard Encounter is behind us and we are bringing you the results. It arent complete results, but “only” the first five of the best. On the other ones you have to wait some time. Off course you can look forward for a complete report, official video and photos. In report we will describe atmosphere or how was the visit from Timo Kranz. Now the results. The winner is Marketa Dockalova! Contugratulations. Complete results bellow. (more…)

Video: Carried Away

This is just a peacefull video for this night. It all made Darian Nguyen, with his friends and you will like it. In the start you will like his cut work and then colorful style of a video. Darian is changing ramps and enviroment after just every trick. And he has a lot of amazing ramps including his homemade so you can look forward for inspiration, for your own ramps. The cut and video quality is high from start to the end. Really amazing. (more…)

Video: +blackriver+ goes to USA 2011 – PART 2

As you know. Blackriver team was in 2011 on tour in the USA. It was written in Fingerboarder magazine. Then we saw the first part of a tour video. Now we have the second. We have to say, in the same quality. Riders are the same: Boris Dietschi, Chris Heck, Andreas Hick a Chris Daniels. Video has a 5 minutes and its in 2 parts. In one, you will see the normal life of members and in a second off course fingerboarding. Obliviously on a great street spots. (more…)