Fingerboard Encounter

Fingerboard EncounterEFC Community and Stanislav Yovzhiy are introducing a fingerboard contest, Fingerboard Encounter. Visitors will enjoy a new G10 park from Blackriver ramps and many more professional +blackriver+ parcs. You can also look forward for special guests from ASI Berlin team. New system of rating, qualifications in last trick style. Better style of semifinals, where the rider draws a trick and a ramp. Final is in a form of Game of skate. Contest is filled with a secondary Best trick contest for prizes (more…)

Video: Fingerboarding Takes Balls!

You have to see it my friends! On an youtube channel of FingerboardHandBook you can see only original stuff, but this is just crazy. We had no idea, that this is possible (to this day) Right the first trick is crazy and we have to say, that this guy is just dude. Mixing fingerboarding with stunting or what is that can be only his idea. As always you will see many big air tricks. Who wont see, wont understand. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Fast Fingers 16 Summary

It is another day from this famous contest and we have another informations and videos from that. The main information is the full results. The videos are both from FingerboardTV. so thank you guys for this quick video service. First video is the final battle, which won Petr Ptacek. As you can see, for the final Blackriver made unique park, which is for left and right handed. The same conditions for all. Awesome! Next video is a collection of catches from Fast Fingers. (more…)

King of Fingerboard #6

Brasil isnt so near from Europe, but wed like to inform you about this contest, because we are happy, that fingerboarding is going worldwide. All contest are organising guys from OK Fingerboards. OK is the biggest fingerboard company from Brasil, so it should be a good action. The poster is all in Spanish language, so we translated it (hope without mistakes). Contest should start in 29th June in city Florianopolis. Another informations you will find on a poster bellow. (more…)

Video: 300

Emma Martinez made a Thank you video for 300 subscribes on youtube. After seeing this video, you have to admire, she is going to have thousands subscribers one time, because this video is really good. She is riding on a concrete ramp located on a table. Video effects looks like from Instagram. This we like. As music, he used kind electro song, which is in connection with dark lighting really good for this Friday night time. (more…)

Video: i-Ledge

We are living in times, when the most important thing for kids is, have na iPhone. So we are looking for situations, kids are buying phones, onstead of football ball or someting more purposeful. If it is good or bad we will let on you. Lets rather speak about this video. Author used for it box from this phone and as he said, this box is really good for this purpose.

Video: Da rial strit

Meanwhile you are maybe on the road to the Fast Fingers, wed like to show you this really amazing street video. It all made Eduardo Luna. It looks like a movie from Flip company: Sorry, a little bit. It is all in a great temp from start to the end. First shot is awesome. It had to took some time to make it, but the results are worth it. After this start you will see great street shreding. Lighting is from a street or in a style of Sorry movie, as we said. You will like it. (more…)

Video: Pop Contest 2013

Guys from Pop Decks arent only great fingerboard decks producers, but they also made this contest. It looks like, this contest is “only” a part of one skateboard contest or something simmilar. (Monster Energy support). It was a small friendly session and it can be seen. All contest is in a kind spirit and so it should be. Have a good fun. (more…)

Video: fun

It looks like everyone has a better mood. Now you cant see dark or depressive video like in a winter. That videos were in a good quality, but when youll see this, you must admire, that this is much better. This video will rectify your mood if you are sad. It all made Fabio Schaffer. We have to say, that he has got great (not only) fingerboard skills. He also good handling video and audio elements. It is just a fun on a second. (more…)

Video: Grkenland

Victor Larsen went on a holiday to the Greece. And like the right fingerboard rider, he made a video. It isnt his best, but it has a piece of travel spirit and we like it. Exept fingerboarding you will see greecian beaches or some night life cuts. Victor used on a fingerboarding everything what he took a fancy for fingerboarding. Air travel didnt stopped him, so you can look forward for fingerboarding on an airplaine. (more…)

Video: Plazatrack

Summer is here (finally). Summer is a great time filled with festivals, swimming pools and other actions. So now, meanwhile our redaction is tortured by final exam preparations, guys from Yellowood just made this video on an awesome street plaza. Video is full of kindness. Peacefull guitar song, kindness tricks with no anger and a lot of fun. Just Portugalese amenity. (more…)

5 days to Fast Fingers 16!

Yeah my friends, it is only 5 days to the next fingerboard world championship! We all know that all of you are looking forward for this fingerboard saint day. Day with specific atmosphere like on a hockey match and crazy afterparty filled with great beer. We are crossing fingers of you, let win the best rider. And if you want some informations, you can find it on a poster bellow or just here. (more…)

Video: Fast fingers 16 park check out!

My friends, that moment is here. We waited for this with curiosity many weeks. And it is here. The face of a new Fast fingers park. Every year its awesome and this year its the same. As we have seen, all year is Blackriver making ramps with bricks. This park is full of bricks. We love that design and you too. Good think is, that park was made for left and right handed. It tested 2 drivers with both directions. Oliver Blankenburg and Stefan Klauser. (more…)

Longboard Salon Prague

We would like to invite you to the second Longnboard Salon, which is on 25. May in Riegerovy sady street, Prague. If you are tieing down about visiting this amazing exhibition, maybe we can attract you for mega raffle of very good prizes, longboard movies projections or longboard fairground. List of exhibitors is interesting too. Swat Skates like oldschool advocate cant miss this action, so you can look forward for them here. More information you will find on a poster bellow. (more…)