Oak Wheels on Swat Shop

Good news for everyone, who loves this company. Now you can buy new designs of Oak Wheels on SWAT-SHOP. As you can see on a photo bellow, this wheels are quite different with designs, so if you would like to try something different, this is the right thing to try. If you would like to check over or buy this stuff, you can do it on SWAT e-shop here or in an European Fingerboard Club Prague here. (more…)

Blackriver Red Edition on Swat Shop

As write webpage Blackriver ramps, red is color of love, danger and traffic. About this ramps means this color only thing. Better choice for you. It isnt only marketing coup, evidences one fact. Ramps have the same prize like classic ramps. Briefly and clearly. In Blackriver ramps they have decided, about making some ramps in red color in limited edition. Now this edition is available in swat-shop here. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: +Blackriver-ramps+ Denmark-Tourstop on Sylt

Blackriver ramps had a little tour in North Europe and as we are habituated from them, video is here till now. Video is here really late, but as always, video is really good crafted. Concretely this video is from local contest in little city Sylt, Denmark. It looks like peacefull open air contest, where Blackriver team made good atmosphere (as always). Because this team has a good fingerboard quality, you can look forward for great tricks. (more…)

New Hampshire Fingerboard Event

After Fingerboard Rendezvous and other we have here another american contest, New Hampshire Fingerboard Event. Whole action is on 4th May. Sponsors are really interesting. Flatface, Blackriver ramps and Berlin wood are really great+ 2 local brands will give you motivation to win this contest. Contest will start at 12 oclock in Atkinson community center and end at 5 p.m. Entry fee is 10 dollars. Next informations you can find bellow. (more…)

Video: Coffee With Milk

Though author could remit that cat, which said to us only, that author likes coffee with milk and he have home coffee maker. But despite of this it is good fingerboard video. All video is in the kitchen and we dont think only coffee making process. Some kitchens have a marble table, so this is the best place for fingerboard video. Author-Nelson Sousa just placed ramps and then he made this. The final product you can judge bellow.


Video: SNS Fingerboards – Fellaz in da club

Next video from SNS Fingerboards, this time from European Fingerboard Club. This club is really good for filming, not only because there are a lot of parcs, but lights equipment as well. Rider are Vori from SNS plus tricks from Petr Zizka and Ladislav Kadlec. As you see in a video all riders are on a good skill level. Technically we dont have to say something. This video has a good tech quality and good choice of sound. Cuts made by Vori. (more…)

Video: King Of Fingerboard 2013

We are really happy again, because in this video we see, fingerboarding is worldwide. This video is from King of Fingerboard contest, which is the biggest in the south America, which confirms whole video. Video has 9 minutes, but 7 minutes is speaking of some older riders, talking about starts of the contest etc. If you would like to see only fingerboarding, move video to time 7:06. Then you can look forward for great street park, which you maybe havent seen yet. (more…)

Video: \(_)/

We are really interested about this “name” of a video. Why? Maybe for singularity? We think, that here it isnt nessesary. Video is really diferrent with used tricks. Unnamed rider is using non traditional things like one finger tricks or other oldschool, which we are dont see so often. Quite good recovery in the sea of videos, which we are seeing every day. Video has almost 5 minutes, so additional you have really big pack of quality. (more…)

Video: Throw-up-away

After Lukas Vorechovsky, we discovered another rider with sense of style in video. As Lukas used old catches of Mickey Mouse, this guy has borrowed the old jazz video clips. We really reccomend you to see it, it has atmosphere and style and not only from that jazz. Although there arent fingerboard skill for Fast fingers final round, but it isnt bad. He used simply home made concrete barrier and rail. You dont need to have more for good video. (more…)


Hard to start a post about this video. Its just good crafted, so we wont try to invent hellbent words of praise like from stupid magazines. Its just awesome, thats all. Dani D. just created mini parc, um instead spot from his home made concrete ramps. Mainly it isnt a copy of something what exist, but personal original invention. And the painting is the same. Really good job. Accordingly it should be his work, because as we know all more famous ramps creators, this have to be his work. (more…)

Video: Prete

All of you should know Prete decks. And because they have great decks, they also have great team. And here you can certify it. Their team rider Joan Crussels there doing really great tricks. Video is in simple style. Most of tricks are on the table or on rail. Sometimes you will see some slow motion catches, which are really good crafted. Only the little bit depressed music is bad, but you also have MUTE button and then you can play may Ramones, wont you. (more…)

Video: 1k?!

Victor Larsen is one of riders with bigger activity and also one of riders, which is making only good quality videos. His new video is one of them. You will see, that Victor supported skateshops. He bought both 2 ramps from Blackrivers special edition with bricks. When youll see this ramps in video, you have to admire, that this ramps are just awesome. Whole video is really peacefull. No crazy things, just chill, great tricks and kind hip hop music. (more…)

Video: Crystalized

Piebald videos are beautiful. It has specific style and a strenght of this evidences a lot of movies in piebald, though technology allows more and more. Its just something interesting and different. Why we are talking about this? Off course this video is piebald. Author absolutely knows sometimes about filming. It isnt overstuffed. Simply just rail and done. Technically and off course fingerboarding on a good level. Have a fun (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider again

Everyone knows about Mike Schneider one thing.He can make 7 videos per week with bigger problems. Here is an example. Few minutes ago we wrote post about one and now we are seeing another one! As always, we have to repeat the same words. Its just awesome. Start of a video is like from hell and then it flips to the peacefull atmosphere. Little contrast, yeah. (more…)