Video: Berlin

Alex Wahl flew across the sea on the Battle at the Harrics, but by that time he brought to us “only” video from Berlin hotel with Maria. All of us off course know that stadium, when its impossible to forbid fingerboarding to us. Sometimes isnt problem running exam or a lot of work or escalator ride. Um, hotel didnt forbid them to make a video. It is really great from these terms. Sometimes you can see catches from BATH or journey, but its only for effect not for your informations. (more…)

Video: Dead in the middle

This video catched us from start to the end and we think, that you will be catched too. Young Xavi Estivill, indeed made only one minute video, but he caught a lot in that minute. Progressive style and camera of this rider is really clear enjoyment to see it. Music in fast beat supports all video image. Next think we like is his homemade box shaped to L from bricks. All video is iluminated so it isnt a sad dark night video.

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: B.A.T.H.#4 report from TV

On a Blackriver ramps Facebook page, was shown this reportage from a german RBB television channel. On a start of the video is 2 reporters introducing BATH with avuncular smile, which they are trying to say, that fingerboard is a sport for some mentaly worse situated people, but nevermind. Their density. The most important thing is, that we have almost 5 minutes long report with a big quality. All video is off course and however in german language, (more…)

Bristol game of S.K.A.T.E

On a Kerrys website unitefingerboarding,com, at last minute, was shown this poster for the Bristol game of S.K.A.T.E (because the whole contest is today). Poster has a very good design, we hope, that his late produce wont damage the visit rate. The poster in details says everything important like how can you get to the contest, start hour and other. Good think is the free entry and good sponsors. Big poster you can find bellow. (more…)

Video: FlatFace Fingerboards Store Session

Mike Schneider posted new video on his youtube channel. Video is from Flatface Fingerboards store session. It was await, because he sponsored and organized this session. We havent seen a bad video from Mike yet and this video isnt exept. Great camera, cut too and style is perfect. We personally love contests videos, because its a little style and riders festival. Really it isnt the same few minutes. Every rider is different and this thing really energize all video. (more…)

Video: Planktoon Fingerboard tryout

Ivan Labalestra is assorting us with a lot of big quality videos, so we cant wonder, that he is riding for Planktoon fingerboard company. His next video is test of a new Plantoon fbr. From this video, we think, that he must like this deck, because he is showing really crazy stuff. On his homemade parc, sensibly filled with bought ramps hes fingerboarder like a boss. His tricks are very clean and with style. Last think, that wed like to say is: Ivan, really good job about slow motion catches! (more…)

Video: Your worst nightmare

Albert Diaz posted on his youtube channel this video with a clear name: Your worst nightmare. Fortunately the name isnt from his skills in video, but from music in a video. And music there is really great. Just night relax. Oldschool hip hop filled with scratching really good rectify the image of a video. Its all made classicaly in the dark with light on a ramp. You can see mainly clean tricks and sometimes some interesting combos with using of 2 ramps. (more…)

Video: EFC Challenge Serial Contest

EFC Community delivered on their website new videos, from last contest in EFC challenge serial series. In this post we are providing you these referenced video outputs, made in fingerboard club- EFC European Fingerboard Club Prague. Both 2 videos are clearly showing contests atmosphere. General peace and meeting with friends, which we can see only on this actions. Closer informations and details of a contests we wrote earlier and you can find (more…)

Video: Q.

Q Decks team has a new member, who has name Mike (and next?..) As a right new member of a team, he made good welcome video, which you can be good stated in a team. We think, that he is after this video stated really good. Tricks are really precious. All video runs on his homemade parc. We personally love home made parcs, because we can see a new ideas of other people. And Mike has a good ideas like old, piked fence. (more…)

Video: Granite pad

Simple, but consisely. Thats the shortest way to describe this new video. It hasnt got more than 50 seconds, but it give you a lot of fun. As you clearly know, all video runs on Flatface granite pad ramp. Its no hard crazy combinations, instead simple tricks in kind. In video are also really great slow motion catches. Camera and cut are on a good level, so dont have to be worried about bad music or camera from year 1970.

Video: Calm

Todays first video is from young Bernardo Gauveia. Video is quite good, only it is seen, that rider isnt hard drilled, BUT as we wrote-he is young. So if he hold in fingerboard passion, his skills will come more levels higher. Exept video you can see his amazing fingerboard setup. The best is his deck. That indian deck is really pretty cool.

BATH: New photogallery

From last Battle at the Harrics run off 3 days, so we can slowly observe the first mediums of this amazing contest, which you are looking for. We discovered today on Blackriver ramps Facebook page a new photogallery from Christoph Spranger, who is profi photograph. And photos looks really professional. Photos arent only informational but they also describes the contest atmosphere. You can check out Stoned obsacles, which was to buy there. (more…)

Video: FlatFace Bike Racks

Mike wasnt at Harrics, so he made this video. As you off course know, video runs on the FlatFace bike rack railu. Video is filled with music, which attract you to get high. Like in every video of Mike Schneider, video has a great rider and technique quality. Tricks are as always with a great style. Mike isnt alone there. In video are guys from Darkwood.

Video: Evolution

This name of a video wasnt choosed only for effect. Its simply evolution of every fingerboard rider. At first ollie, thang first flips. It continues to fakie and transfers. In the end there are (off course) nollie and switch flips and another crazy transfers with meters of lenght-very cool. All video is filled with “cave paintings,” which are funny, and it gave all video human evolution style. (more…)