Video: Urban sunrise

Making street video in Sweden isnt fun, if you realize, that there you can wear shorts only few weeks in August, so guys said: So what and they made street video now in coats and with snow everywhere. We wont make drama here so lets speak about video. All of this made Alex Wahl and his friend Christopher. On every street video is great, that you can see something new against thousand times seen ramps, so new fresh wave against stereotypes. And in Sweden is (as youll see) many interesting spots for fingerboarding.


Video: Mind tricks

Next video from must see video edition. Something like this we havent seen for ages. So as we take it from the start. This guy is not only a good rider, but his video edit is very rare. All video is in style, that hand leave body and “skating” alone. How he did it? We dont know. But how he made thing like he jumped in an empty desk and in the middle of a trick is on the table kicker and it all pass? That we ABSOLUTELY dont know. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Retro: TechDeck tutorial

Do you remember this video? Its a long time when this bible for an amateurs beholded the shine of a sun. Everyone of us seen this and everyone repeated this, until we had understand that “magic” ollie like that guy in a higher classroom. This 10 minutes long video, showed us everything then what we needed. This guy with a “sleeping” voice told us everything what we needed, so we could make the first “magic” ollie step in ours fingerboard starts.

. (more…)

Video: Short videos are cool

Video has a bright name. Short videos are cool. So now you know, that video isnt 7 minutes long. Video has 30 seconds, but if video is made good, is lenght ok. Only thing, that we dont understand is, videos saying: sponsor me, but author didnt write his name or contact, so that wasnt clever. Nevermind. In any case, we checked it out and, we deserve some support. On a box he can make really good tricks, so well see-maybe some compaines are going to sponsor him.

. (more…)

Video: Gretchen clone

First video is from unnamed boy and its a pity, because this chap absolutely has a talent and with this video, his name can go up. Video has a minute and halp and all lenght is in a kind style. Kind music, intimate lighting, clean and styled tricks. All of this support a great cut work, which isnt chaotic with crazy secvention, but its all made with a sensibility. Hes using only piece of marble and blackriver euro palette, so you see, that you dont have to have a Blackriver parc for a great video


Video: Easy listening

Only thing we know about this guy, is that we posted his video few weeks ago, but this video is more proffesional and artistic. Video has a beautiful 3 minutes. With this lenght dont worry about interesting moments. Off course like a last time, in background happilly play television, again you will see a collection of caps and off course marble desk full of interesting ramps. The most interesting is a rail in traffic style or marble box, based on a palletes. (more…)

Video: FingerboardDay

This video mapping one great day of three friends. Denis and two unnamed, which just one day bought some beers, some tiwsts (youll understand) and rode and rode. For their session they used quite good homemade parc with street spirit, which is filled with boxes from bricks or some ramps in a crude elaboration. Guys can many good tricks, so you have reason to see it. If we must rate technical things of video, all is good and choosed song is really good for atmosphere

Video: WatsQy

On a youtube channel named: orangeskater we found this nice video, which bless Q Decks. Video has almost 2 minutes, but it is ok, because he drawed up everything important in this short time. Rider prefers simple tricks in a clean and styled execution. Youll be engaged about used ramps too. We dont know, if the rail is bought or homemade, but its original. Box with marble roof is a great too. At the final we must aplaud about his homemade park. (more…)

Video: PlanktoonXFreedayShop!

Jon Sanchez posted to the world a new video, whose name, spilling us, that Jon here represent Planktoon fingerboard for an invitation to the Freeday shop. The main recvisity is the audio cassets, which thanks to good cut are variously moving and falling down like a dominoes. Jon in a minute and few second long video shoving only good tricks, but we think, the best is a 90 degree kickflip to a nose and tail slide at a blow, when he jumped directly between 2 boxes from cassetes and it looks very effective (more…)

Video: FlatFace store session

About Flatface fingerboards store session we wrote few days ago. All contest is behind us, so Mike Schneider made this summary video. Indeed it was “only” a small contest, but parcs dont looked like that. All parcs were on a great level and you can see a lot of rare street parcs or an oldschool big air parc (but…tell us, wholl want this stuff at home) On a contest was young, hopefull riders, so its a many reasons to watch it. Videos showing, on a contest was really happy and kind atmosphere, so we hope, youll have the same feeling after youll watch this video. (more…)

Video: Fonky + RedBull

This video wont let you go out of your screens from start to the end. Boy with a nickname Fonky is really master and not only about fingerboarding. In this video is progressive everything. But first thing first. Camera is great, full of great catches and some profesional cross-overs along “stage”. Cut is on a very good level. All of this subclass hard electro music. On a Fonkys “lawn” park is the most seen ramp, the iron box, on which hes showing a lot of very precious tricks. We can only recomend it. (more…)

Video: Satisfaction

On a youtube channel weakfingers we found today a new video, which isnt the best about video quality, but in a trick quality is very good. As author said, video is named “Satisfaction” because it isnt only song in video, but because he feel satisfied about his fingerboard skills progress. And we must agree with it. Tricks are really styled and nice. On a few rams he isnt showing the best tricks on the the whole world, but all of tricks are middle difficulted, but with a great style (more…)

#4 Fingerboard contest

17th March is going to contest in a german city F?rth. Because this is a fourth year of contests here, organization should be on a good level. It all confirm the sponsors like Blackriver ramps, Blackriver trucks, Berlin wood or Winkler wheels. You can go to the contest area at 14 oclock and contest will start at 15 oclock, so you maybe feel, that it isnt so much time for a training, but we thing, there wont be too much riders like it was on the Fast fingers, so dont worry about training space. (more…)

Video: Kink ledge curb session

If you deciding about this ramp from Blackriver ramps, this video is right for you. Arnauld Bonhomme bought this ramp and for all, which want to buy it made this video. Video has a minute and 30 seconds and Arnold showing in this video his very good skills. You can see some oldschool like backflip (we dont know about other name of this-youll understand, when youll see) (more…)