1. Meppener Fingerboard contest

I dont know, where are you from, but if you can, go to the german city Meppen to the first fingerboard contest! Contest is in 1. March in the child JAM center. All event supports +Blackriver ramps+ and +Brr+ team swore to going on event so it will be great show. Base entry is free, but only riders must pay 5 Euros- I think, very cheap. So lets go to the Meppen!

Video: Mike Schneider Casperflip

Mike Schneider doesnt sleep so he made new video, this time about untraditional trick Casperflip. In video you can see this trick in many variants. All video is only on the table, but it isnt detracting to see it. As per usual is video from him technically machined simply and clean. Next proof of less is sometimes more. Next positive is that you can see here new Blackriver trucks, that Mike couldnt miss. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike Schneider made a trip to Florida with his parents. He made a long video from this cool trip and I recommend to check it out because he is riding there his fingerboard and also skateboard in city street spots and in indoor hall. But main thing in this video is his trucks. I have never seen that before. They are coloured but not with only one colour, they have something like design. I hope they will be for sale. (more…)

Video: Klra ?elikovsk

videoI didn’t see any video from EFC Fingerboarding Club Prague for a long time so I am glad that Klra ?elikovsk decided to film something there. Although video is not so long (as always), Klra made there really nice technical tricks and combinations. In my opinion, Klra has really nice clean style, so I enjoy watching it. You will see there some tricks on Blackriver G9 park and also some footage on G8 park. (more…)

Pateo Sessions

I is not a long time when the Pateo store in Portugal was established. This shop offers products for purchase and also many spots for fingerboarding. So you don’t have to buy anything you just can ride your fingerboard here. The main sponsor and inventor of this club is Oak and partners are Blackriver, Flatface, Lowpro and more. There will be sessions on 19th January, so if you live in Portugal and you are interested in fingerboarding, you should visit this event. (more…)