Video: Mike Schneider

videoAnother sponsor pack unboxing video, after Christofer Kraft video, Mike filmed something very similar. It is kinda funny that Mike recieves fingerboard stuff because he has his own company and has a lot of decks, he should change it every day, but he deserves it, because he has skill. He got almost same as Christofer, but that Berlinwood design is nicer I really like that burned logo in it and also that colours. (more…)

Video: Bernardo Bacalhau

videoIt is really unbelievable how many riders are good fingerboarders these days, especially young guys. If you want to see some new video from uknown riders you should check lowpro youtube channel which uploads sometimes videos with fingerboard talents. This one is from Bernarda Bacalhaua which is also really good and kills it. He made really nice edit and interspersed it with cooking some “lowpro” cake. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Close Up

videoI haven’t heard of Close Up company for ages. I think many of us bought a close up when they started with making fingerboards. Me too, I really liked that package. But I didn’t like that deck, It had big concave and it was so thin and also that rubber wheels were so bad. But that fingerboard in this video looks pretty sick and able for fingerboarding. As you can see boy in the video can do nice tricks with this deck. (more…)

Video: Harrics

videoV Harrics u Haralda Schna u se zase to? v plnm proudu a vzniklo z toho opravdu dlouh video, ve kterm ?inkuj ?ty?i jedzci. Z N?mecka je to Harald Schn a Ramon Angelow a z Ameriky Mike Schneider a Jay Linehan. Vichni jsou sponzorovni firmou flatface take z toho vzniklo teamov video. Mike ve videu p?edvedl pr opravdu kreativnch trik?, Jay zase vsadil na jeho klasicky ?ist styl. Vichni p?edvedli to nejlep. (more…)

Video: Tim Hurley

videoHave you ever seen tricks such as late backside heelflip or late inward heelflip? If not I recommend you to watch this new video from Tim Hurley because he did that in super nice style. In my opinion these tricks are not heelflips, they should be named as late bs pressure flip and late pressure flip, but it is not so important. Quality of the video isn’t good but it doesn’t matter. Tim killed that, respect for him. (more…)

Video: Johan Oerum

videoI want to apologize that I though that this rider is from Germany. I found out that he is from Denamrk becuase I was surfing the net and checking Battle at the Harrics list with names of riders and I found this name there. Little mistake, so sorry for that. So now something about video, I like it, he does really crazy tricks. Nollie hardflip bs crooked nollie hardflip out was banger. He deserves to take part in BATH. (more…)

Video: Hannes Haynitsch

videoChristmas are almost over and after Christmas videos we have here some new year videos. Also Hannes Haynitsch decided to make some new year footage on his street ramps and park which is really nice. Video is really good I like everything in it, such as edit, filming or lightning, everything is perfect and it looks professional. He did some cool tricks, all of the look so realistic. I like it so check it out. (more…)

Video: Bernardo Bastos

videoBernardo Bastos filmed really nice fingerboard video. I think it is one of the best videos from him, he killed it and he desn’t have any dislike, respect. I don’t know if he is sponsored by Lowpro or some another company, but if not he should because he is insane. He will show us his clean style in this new video and also some hard tricks but all of them landed in perfect position. Really good job Bernardo. (more…)

Video: Shane Martin

videoThis video is full of crazy tricks and combos but I am little bit sad because it is not just about video. Shane wrote there that he quit making videos because he is tired of fingerboard scene. He is angry that nowadays fingerboarding is about how expensive is your reflex camera or how many ramps do you have instead of creativity and fun. I totally agree with him but I am sad that he is quiting filming, he was really good. (more…)

Video: Christofer Kraft

videoWe will stay with posting videos bbut this one is little bit different. You won’t see any trick in this video because it is an unboxing from Christofer Kraft. He is sponsored by Berlinwood and he received his second sponsor pack so he decided to make an unboxing video. He get many stickers, keychain, product catalog but th main thing were decks Berlinwood classic with Flatface design and oldschool Berlinwood. (more…)

Video: Ed Garner

videoNew video from Ed Garner. This rider from America sponsored by Flatface invited Nick Pearson to his house to film some montage. As you know from videos Ed has got Blackriver G7 park, so all tricks are filmed on it. Personally I think Nic Pearson has better style he does real tricks and there are cleaner than Ed’s tricks but Ed sometimes does really crazy tricks so I think both of them are really good so check it out. (more…)

Video: Petr Pt?ek

videoThis video must be on this website! Petr Pt?ek, the best rider from Czech Republic made a long video, his profile for year 2012. You can see there shots from many competitions or sessions such as vans shop riot in Kladno, ASI Berlin or Fjord cup. Also edit is great but it is not made by him but by his friend Kecy. Although it has almost seven minutes you have to watch it because it is worth watching. (more…)

Battle at the Harrics 4

Yes, finally here it is as every year. Battle at the Harrics 4. You will have chance to see here riders from many foreign countries. You can see some riders from Peru or USA at confirmed list. I hope guys from Indonesia will come because they were so sick. Also riders from Czech Republic will represent our country such as Petr Pt?ek for sure but I think there will be more riders like Vojta Freitag or Luk Sta. If you want to see some more information about this contest click here. (more…)

Video: Blackriver

videoThis obstacle is well known for a long time so I little bit don’t understand why the video cam on youtube today. It is filmed as always in Blackriver store Berlin and the rider is Jeldo Ulpts. He did really crazy tricks, kinda mindblowing. Jeldo kills it especially that shoe-its. He is the king of style alos, he has the best video with his friend Adrian Witzel. Check this check out out! (more…)