Video: Tobias Stoll

videoTobias Stoll is sponsored by Piratenholz for one year, that is so nice. I think they choose good guy because he is like a machine and he really deserves to be in team. This new video is insane, I really don’t know how he does that tricks. All tricks are so hard but the last tricks is the hardest, like from another planet or another galaxy. I don’t get it. He is mad. One of the best videos ever thumbs up for Stolly! (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoYes, official video from Rendezvou 14 is here, Mike Schneider filmed it and it is so nice I really like it. You can see many good riders, tallented riders and also riders which just have started with this sport. I really like that Blackriver huge ramp, it is so cool and it must be fun to jump on it, you have to walk long distance, haha. I think this event was super cool as always and I am looking forward to see new videos from it. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Propaganda Industries – Truants

videoNew video from Propaganda Industries, this one is from Luk Vo?echovsk. Luk is still riding, you can see him fingerboarding at school or he isn’t at school but still riding, that’s funny. That music really cracked me up. This video is full of flatground insane tricks but there will also appear some manual combos. Luk is still better and better, he is really skillful. You can see there his friend which is in a lot of videos with him. Both guys killed it very well. (more…)

Video: Drake Elliot

videoAnd here it is, last news from today will be a video, video from a guy from United States of America-Drake Elliot. This guy owns his finhgerboard company emanant and he also made some fingerboard contest I think, so he is quite creative. And he also makes nice videos as you can see in this one and it is not short at all, it is more than 4 minutes long! It is filmed on gopro camera. Some Drake’s tricks are insane. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoIt looks like that the new Blackriver park g10 is now Mike’s forever. I really don’t know where he gets still some new space for his fingerparks I just can’t believe it that he has so many parks in his house. He invited many frineds yesterday also Matty Taylor but unfortunately he fell asleep. However, today he filmed a lot of tricks and I am stoked because his style is so unique. That last trick is mindblowing. (more…)

Flatface Bonk Bench

Oh man, this is really cool new thing! Mike Schneider started to make a new ramp from Flatface. It is really good obstacle. It is a kind of bench, very similar to Blackriver streetbench but there is something new. It is a small piece of wood for “bonks”. It is hard to explain what is it but it is almost same as kiss th rail. This ramp is really nice a like it. There are many possibilities on it mostly for skillful riders such as Jay Linehan I want to see a video from him on it. (more…)

Video: Yellowood

videoKinkredgethat is the name of the new obstacle from Yellowood. This ramp is very creative and there are many possibilities how to shred it, you can jump of it and you can also grind or slide it. Very good idea, these guys from portugal are still making something new and something nice and amazing. They filmed a big check out with their teamriders. I think this ramp is so nice you should buy it. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoWhat are you you doiing at 4a.m.? Everyone does something differrent, someone is sleeping, someone is in some night club or someone might be learning. However, Mike does something really rare. He is fingerboarding, but at 4a.m.! I really don’t get it. They made a meeting with some guys but some of them fell asleep as a baby, but that’s normal. Respect for them, they killed it in this nice video. (more…)

Video: Harald Schn

videoHarald Schn belongs to Flatface fingerboard team so he made a new video because he get new bishings. You could see them in Mike Schneider’s video about a month ago but this is better because he shows that bushing so much better. He puts them on trucks and starts riding. It is filmed in his house so I am pretty stoked for that and I hope there will be more videos for example someone at the harrics. (more…)

Video: Bernardo Bastos

videoAnd let’s go to Portugal where was another competition called Original session championship (third volume). This video is From Bernardo Bastos who filmed that and also killed that competition and won it. It took place in some local skatepark so Bernardo filmed skaters in the beginning but after it you will find 100% pure fingerboarding in video. I really like that fingerpark it is very differrent from another parks and so original. (more…)

Video: Chris Daniels

videoChris Daniels is a guy from United States of America. He is well known for his insane style. He always did something that you can’t imagine and he made it again in this video. It is filmed by Mike Schneider. Chris made a lot of amazing tricks on marble curb and then he did some flatground crazy tricks that I haven’t seen before. I can’t name that tricks. It is really insane. Mixture of late, backfoot and frontoot combos. (more…)

Video: Matty Taylor

videoRendezvous 14 which was on 24th November is over and you can watch a new video from this event organised by Mike Schneider and Flatface. Every year there are many people and there is also some contest, maybe contests but infortunately I have never found winners. Matty Taylor was also here and filmed a short video. You can see Mike Schneider in his video shredding the new rail on big air ramp. (more…)

Video: Axel Wahl

videoLittle bit suprising for me-video on a Penny Tech Deck. Axel Wahl bought this thing and I really don’t know why it is little bit waste of money. His videos are always long but this one is short because of this fingerboard becuause it is almost impossible to do something on it. I like the video but not that deck. It is good for exposition but not for riding. So I prefer normal fingerboard hehe, I won’t buy this thing. (more…)

Video: Propaganda Industries – EFC Club Prague

videoGuys from Propaganda team went to an EFC Club in Prague where they filmed a new video. Jakub Hofhanzl and Luk Vo?echovsk from Tbor and Jan Uhl? from Prague filmed filmed many shots there on all parks there. You will see these three rider this saturday on EFC Fingerboard Challenge in this club so you must come it will be really good event. I think there will be lot of fun and also nice prize for winner. And you should also would be in some new video for sure. (more…)