Video: Tim Hurley

videoFlatface teamrider from United States of America Tim Hurley made a long video with edit and with music! It wasn’t here for a long time. Unfortunately Tim don’t have much things for fingerboarding. His camcorder doesn’t have a fisheye and he also doesn’t have much fingerboard obstacles. But I don’t care and I am glad that it is a little bit different. His technique was and is always so nice he is doing every flip in so good style. (more…)

Video: Francisco Martins

videoWe will move to Portugal where Francisco Martins made a new video. I can’t explain it in words, because I have just seen one of the best videos. i know that this guy can do a lot of hard tricks but I really didn’t know that he does mega super hard tricks. Flip nosegrind nollie heel bs tailslide or ss heel bs smith ss bigspin to bs tailslide is really insane. He is so tallented. I also like music and the edit. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

EFC Challenge Serial 2. Contest

videoEFC Community introducing another part of fingerboard contests, EFC Challenge Serial. Second volume will be held 1th December 2012 in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague, Czech Republic. EFC Challenge Serial is another addition to our fingerboard competitions like the original critically acclaimed EFC European Fingerboard Cup, bringing new fresh features and elements. EFC Challenge Serial is not a substitute for the EFC European Cup but we decide to add even more contests from the EFC universe (more…)

Video: Lukas Bauer

videoLukas Bauer is well known young German fingerboarder which took part in many contests and took good places such as at fast fingers and ASI Berlin. Today I found a video from Lowpro youtube channel. There is Lukas mentioned as a talent. Unfortunately video is without music. Lukas is king of style and he can do everytrick so clean. In first part of video he killed many flatground tricks on first try and then he made some combos on street obstacles. (more…)

Video: Julian Bueno

videoJulian Bueno is a local rider from Blackriver Berlin store, he also won a Best tricks competition no.2 about a week ago. Today he was challenged by Basti Schulze to do a first try saturdays. It is similar to Berrics, Basti called him to come and he told him what trick he will do. It was switch 360 flip fs boardslide. Julian had one try for this combo. Unfortunately he failed and as a looser he had to eat fingerboard wheels. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoI bet all of us have some shots in our camcorders or cameras which aren’t in any video. Mike also has it and today he made a video from it. It is not so much long but there are many tricks because Mike doesn’t do tricks in slowmotion. You can see him and his friends fingerboarding in this new video on many ovstacles. First part is from outdoor spot than a lot of footage from Mike’s concrete park and then riding some street obstacles. (more…)

Video: Billy M.

videoLas news from today is a video which comes from Great Britain, probably England. This video is from Billy M (unfortunately I don’t know his surname but it isn’t so much important). This video is so nice. It is filmed at his home on his street obstacles and one quarter. It is over one minute long and I really like it. He has nice style and technique, especially his heelflips are so good and also other tricks are so clean. (more…)

New Berlinwood Graphics

Your preferred shape is the classic one, but your favorite graphic is only available on Wide Shape? You want to have one of the four neon graphics of the Low Shape series, but the only trucks you own are Blackriver Wide Trucks? These problems are a thing of the past! Timo Lieben and his team spared no pains and offers you now all graphics on all shapes! So the assortment of individual Berlinwood Decks is increasing many times over. Restriction is history! Buy them at Berlinwood shop or Swat shop. (more…)

Video: John Cowart

videoNext video from John Cowart, thisone from today is so nice. Everything is filmed on his new plaza or park, it is without any blackriver ramps. You can find there many obstacles from marble and granit, the best one in my opinion is a big planter, John made on it a lot of tricks. Today they filmed really hard tricks and combinations I really like it. Also the music is great it is instrumental version of Black moth super rainbow. (more…)

Video: Harald Schn

videoNext video from Blackriver Berlin store and it was filmed in same time as a video from Marcus because you can see him there. This one is big montage. It is filmed on all parks on all parts of it. Many riders are there but unfortunately I don’t know their names I just know Kemi, Marcus adn Alexander that’s all. Video is filmed by Harald Schn and it is about four minutes long, I like it. Trics in the video are crazy, (more…)

Video: Marcus Wei

videoMarcus made a trip to Berlin, capital city of Germany and also of fingerboarding. He visited east part of this city where is situated Blackriver Store. He met there some friends such as Harald Schn or Timo Kranz and made with them a long video. It isn’t filmed on Blackriver parks as always but on some ramps: stairs with rail, rooftop ramp and bikerack rail. All of them made so good tricks, especially Timo killed it. (more…)

Video: Luca Rser

videoGood morning dear friends of fingerboarding. First video from today is from a boy from Germany, which name is Luca Rser. I don’t know much information about him but I have seen some footage from him several times. His new video is a welcome video to the German team called Piratenholz. Tobias Stll is also sponsored by this company. Video is well filmed and edited and also that tricks are so good. (more…)

Video: Cody Zehner

videoCody Zehner filmed a new video on his park. It is some homemade wooden park which is quite good, that part with stairs and box is amazing and good for combos. Cody made a lot of tricks on this obstacle. It is pity that this park is so unstable and it is still moving during doing tricks. You can buy this park in ebay (link in decription) for 100 dollars, I think that’s too much for homemade fingerpark. (more…)

Video: Matty Taylor

videoA new video from a rider from United States of America Matty Taylor. He filmed as always some footage on his computer deck on some street ramps and obstacles. Today he edited it a bit. He put into a video some music video which I really don’t like but it is only my opinion. Although strange music, tricks are so good. He does them in so flow style and so steezy, he deserves to be in flatface team. (more…)