Video: Blackriver Barcelona tour

videoPhilipp Reinhard, Timo Kranz, Dimitri Schlotthauer, Boris Dietschi, Ren, Martin Winkler, Candy, Oliver Blankenburg, Jay Linehan and many more made a trip to Barcelona where was a big festival of extreme sports. Also fingerboarding was there and there was a cometition called gold finger which won Ivan Parra Trigueros and the sceond was a skilful girl Berta Gutirrez Daz. You will find a report in Fingerboarder magazine 4. (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mndez

videoJoaquin Mndez decided to film something, so he took a camcorder and filmed some footage on his table. Video is called Practice 3, I don’t know why number three, but it is not important. He made a lot of flatground tricks, flip tricks, all of them are in nice style and some of them are so amazing such as late flips. He did couple of tricks on his concrete box. This is Joaquin’s style how we know it. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Marcus Wei

videoOn the internet started a new online fingerboard contest called king of the forum, it is a German contest and it is not new, there were many these contest in the past. It is isnpired by a skateboard contest called king of the road by Thrasher. Marcus Wei, Tobias Stoll and Johann Strde decided to take part in this and filmed something. You will recieve some point for each completed task. Some of them are really interesting such as flip over the dog, make a rap song with KOTF theme and many more. (more…)

Video: Robin Hbner

videoAnd last video from today by Robin Hbner. Robin is a guy from Germany, he rides so stylish and with nice technique. You could see him in some videos from Nico Frank, where you cand find him, Nico, Daniel Zeise, Bene Mller, Basti Schwab, Fabio Schaffer, Lukas Henneberger, Alex Karg, Michael Grabmeyer, Moritz Wchter, and many more riders. Robin has a skill. (more…)

Video: Lowpro

videoLowpro decided to make a trip to Italy. I mean guys from Lowpro: Flavio Sousa and more. Flavio was filming all the time. They visited their team mates Daniele Comuzzi and Paolo Melillo which live there. That trip must have been so long because they travelled by train. I know there isn’t any footage of fingerboarding, but i really like it, that cool shots and it is filmed by lowpro, so that is why i posted this here. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike Schneider is still posting new videos, that is good I Hope he will never stop, because his videos are so good and I like them. Today he filmed a video with Zeph in bowl, which is owned by Zeph. They filmed together a lot of tricks in bowl, but not some hard combos with flip tricks but some oldschool variations and a lot of tricks just for fun. Zeph is riding a new flatface oldschool shaped deck, which looks so good and it is made for this kind of fingerboarding. I don’t like Zeph’s nails, they are so long. (more…)

Video: Trevor Westad

videoOk we are stopping making post with Germany today, because I found this new video from Trevor, I don’t know who is it but it doesn’t sound like a German name. He isn’t so much good at fingerboarding but it is not bad. However I was really impressed by that park that he made. Oh sorry his friend Jake made it, but whatever. So they made it and made a meetup and filmed a lot of tricks on it. that park is insane I like that stairs with rail. (more…)

Video: Jan Krner

videoWe are still in Germany. I mean I am posting again some video from Germany, but from Czech Republic. This video is a welcome vieo from boy which name is Jan Krner, which was chosen to a fingerboard team planktoon and also to some team which is making some wheels. Interesting… It looks like that Jan doesn’t have his own idea because he has made a park from concrete, same as Mike has, but whatever, he killed it. (more…)

Video: Max Eschenbach

video360 kickflip, kickflip bs smithgrind, fs smithgrind, fakie fs kickflip backside to ss 5-0, nollie fs kickflip and fakie noseslide that is the new today line from German rider Max Eschenbach. Max won a dreamland this year, the hardest difficulty. He has really good technique and he does everything so nice and celan. His winning video was so insane, all that tricks killed in super cool style. (more…)

Video: Parker Hughes

videoHave you ever heard about a name Parker Hughes? No? I had, he is a fingerboarder from America with interesting style, he is for a while in a Flame wheels team. He has good technique. However some videos of him are bad and I don’t like it because I don’t like that waste of time with bad attempts. If you listen carefully you will hear Ozone in this video, that is funny, but in general it is pretty sick. (more…)

Fingerboard Magazine 4

new blackriver railAll good things come in fours! What are you saying? That’s false? No, that’s true! Okay, perhaps you are right and actually all good things come in threes. But the editors of the Fingerboarder Magazine raised the ante! Three is good, four is better! Finally the fourth issue of the magazine is available in the webshop and in almost every newsstand in Germany! In this magazine you will find a Mike Schneider interview and corresponding a report about the twelfth Rendezvous in Andover. (more…)

Video: Sean Witman

videoSean is also a big legend of fingerboarding, he is riding for a long time and he belongs to firts fingerboarders sponsored by flatface fingerboards. Today he uploaded a short video for a montage with his friend Matty Taylor. Matty hasn’t uploaded something yet I think it will be soon and it will be good. Sean did everything on his park, homemde plaza with nice style and killed it, his technique is great. (more…)

Video: Hippie

videoI dind’t heard about this guy before and unfortunately I also don’t know his name. Because he has so cool idea. He just took a big pasteboard and he put it on some box or curb, I don’t know and started. He did many tricks and combinations. I rescpect him, that idea is so creative and also that tricks were good. He did some flip tricks and then some flips to grinds on the rail. I like it. (more…)

Video: Shane Martin

videoShane Martin comes again with a super new short video, today it is about testing his new fingerboard deck, which is called Zonawood. He has really cool style in this video, like a Sam Aronie. Hehe just kidding, his style is also so nice, but little bit diferrent. I don’t understand how he did that fakie lazerflip in so flow style. He rides his marble or granit obstacles and killing thm very well. (more…)