PrzdninyHello everybody, I have to say you that the page will be uploaded rarely till the end of holidays. Enjoy your vacation and see you in Sempember!

Video: Christofer Kraft

videoMike Schneider is already an old guy not a child anymore. He has cash from his big fingerboard company flatface fingerboards so he has his own house and makes there a lot of fingerboard sessions and some parties. Today they filmed a video with both of it. First part is full of fingerboarding and the second is full of girls. Video is filmed by Christofer Kraft who is sponsored by Berlinwood fingerboards. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Fast Fingers 15

videoAlex Christ, Timo Kranz, Mitko Kanev, Jay Linehan, Thomas Hansen, Martin Ehrenberger, Mike Schneider, Ramon Angelow, Martin Beckmann and many, many more riders are in this new video. It is a new project but from an old event, from world championship Fast Fingers 15. You can see there a lot of hard tricks and combos by fingerboard riders from all over the world. Check this new video from fingerboardtv guys. (more…)

Video: Nico Gummelt

videoI think all of you know guy with name Nico Gummelt.You can see him in a lot of videos from Berlin Blackriver store. He has really big progress so a company called Berlinwood decided to take him into their team. Nico is still making videos for them, today he filmed again something good. His videos aren’t boring at all and I enjoy each of them. Nico has perfect style and technique, he deserves to be in the team. (more…)

Video: Jay Linehan

videoI think that everybody knows Blackriver company made a lot of new ramps, obstacles and rails this year and extension quarter is one of these products. If you know ramp called winkler mini 2, this ramp is something like a half of that ramp. There are many possibilities on this ramp. Jay Linehan, rider from USA showed us his skills on it. In very stylish way killed every trick and combo in this video. (more…)

Video: Blackriver g10 park

videoVideos from blackriver store in Berlin will be little bit different and little bit more interesting because there is a new blackriver g10 park. It was made this year for a world championship contest Fast Fingers. There are many possibilities what to do in this park so we will see a lot of new amazing combos from local Berlin riders. Basti Schulze’s video is first one who filmed something and tested this park with his friends. (more…)

Video: Barcelona Goldfinger

videoBig contest called Barcelona Goldfinger took place in Spain in Barcelona. The contest park was delivered by blackriver ramps and it was a 10 generation of the park which was at Fast Fingers. The event was sponsored by blackriver ramps and the speaker of the contest was well-known German rider Timo Kranz. Ivan Parra Trigueros filmed a long video from the contest in which we can see almost everything important. (more…)

Video: Jay Linehan interview

videoAnother interview from Gripskin. Today with Jay Linehan. It is filmed again in Germany in Wundsiedel after Fast Fingers. This interview is little bit shorter but also good and interesting. Jay is an American fingerboarder who lived for a while in Germany but now he lives in Mike’s house in Andover. He is really good in fingerboarding. His style is so celan and nice and he can do a lot of hard tricks. (more…)

New Blackriver rails

new blackriver railBlackriver company invented 7 new rails. For me, the most interesting rail is a T rail and a L rail, it should be good for trying difficult combinations. Also a shotgun rail is a new one, and pole rail with a red colour. Blackriver finally made a low rail in black colour which everyone wanted for years. Now you can order all of them at Swat shop link here. (more…)

Video: Sandro Seidel

videoSame day when the first round of EFC Challenge serial was, blackriver made a small fingerboard session in Blackriver Store in Schwarzenbach, Germany. It is situated next to big hall where is Fast Fingers contest. It was more like a chill than a contest and there were some well know people such as Julien Kenny Klein or Thomas Hansen. Sandro made a trip with his friends to this contest and enjoyed it. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider interview

videoMike Schneider for sure belongs to most important persons in fingerboarding scene. He established famous big brand flatface and helped with development of fingerboarding. Today I find an interview with him which was made by Gripskin owner Manu Oberle. It was filmed in small German city Wundsiedel a day after Fast Fingers 15. Mike told us a lot of thing about how he was influenced by fingerboarding and so many another interesting things. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial Contest report

videoEFC Challenge Serial contest is over and I’ll give you some information about it. At 11 a.m. the registration started. We had 24 contestants from various parts of Czech Republic and one from Slovakia. After 1 p.m. qualificiations started. 16 riders qualified to quarter final where they were divided into 4 groups of 4 and they played Game of Skate. Last two riders from each group went to semifinal. There were 5 riders in final Game of Skate. (more…)

Video: Greg Hermann

videoBlackriver company produced after long time something new for street fingerboarding. They made a lot of new rails which are really nice and stylish. Also there are new low rails which everybody likes and everybody wanted it for a long time. Greg Hermann bought a new black one and made a video after long time. I really praise that new rails they are so good and I want to buy one so bad. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike Schneider is more and more active and today he made a new video from his house. Concrete park which Mike Schneider made before rendezvous contest is really popular and they again filmed fingerboarding tricks on it. Mike invited many fingerboarders to his house. He chose very unusual song called Sam didn’t like a water, it is also the name of the video. Footage is full of hard and stylish combos. (more…)