Video: Andre Miranda

videoAndre Miranda is a well-known fingerboard rider who is sponsored and supported by famous brand Lowpro. Today he had a birthday so Harald Schn decided to make a fingerboard video for him also as a greetings. At the start they are wishing him happy birthday and than Harry Schn filmed some guys in blackriver store. They filmed a lot of good tricks with nice style in many blackriver ramps parks. (more…)

Video: Brunno Vedana

videoI think you haven’t ever heard of him or if you have I think only just a little bit. Brunno Vedana is a young tallented fingerboarder from Brazil, he rides very well with nice style. If you remember the online video fingerboard contest called dreamland, Brunno almost won it. He had a second place so that is really good. He has really big skill and we can suprise us. So now it is time to check that video. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Nico Frank

videoSome new videos from Nico Frank are getting boring for me. He has good style and skill and everything, but it is little bit stereotypical. However, today he filmed what he can do in 10 minutes. Nico made a lot of tricks, almost 3 minutes of pure tricks without slowmo, that’s incredible. He did a lot of tricks on a first try. He must ride his fingerboard all day because this is really unbelievable. (more…)

Video: Jeldo Ulpts

videoThere is a new online contest, its name is: Can you skate your name? The rules are easy, you have to fiilm a fingerboard line with tricks you have in your name. If you want to know that tricks, you have to buy a new fingerboarder magazine number 3 and you will get more information. Jeldo Ulpts tried it and I think he wass successful I like it. So buy the magazine and make a line with yout name! (more…)

Video: Shane Martin

videoShane Martin filmed a new fingerboard video on his new obstacle from his friend. It is something like a concrete curb or ledge useful for grinds and slides. This guy from United States of America has really nice style, he will show it to us in this video. Shane does better tricks than edit but it is ok, I prefer watching tricks, nice technique, not master edits. He did a lot of shove it combinations in this video. (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mendez

videoA little nothing-that is the name of a new video from a French fingerboard rider Joaquin Mendez. This guy is riding for a long time and he is supported by two brand-flatface fingerboards and blackriver ramps. If I say name Joaquin Mendez everybody say one word: style. his style is so unique and he shows it in his videos. However, last videos were little bit bad, but this new one is so good so he showed us that he still has the best style. (more…)

Video: Taylor Rosenbauer

videoThere were a nice weather in Taylor’s city, so he decided to film some outdoor footage. If you think that he made again only some fingerboard montage you are wrong. Taylor is really good in skateboarding too, not so much as in fingerboarding but he can do some nice tricks. After skateboard session he filmed some tricks on his bikerack rail with his super style and nice technique and clean landing. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike Schneider is not finishing posting his videos on his youtube channel. It is almost unbelievable that he is still adding something new. This boy has 1043 videos on youtube it is really incredible. Today he filmed a short video on Berlinwood low shape deck. It is like a video review. This fingerboard or a should say this complete fingerboard will be available at his shop. He filmed what is possible to do with this deck. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoI really like these types of videos. Mike Schneider filmed a whole trip to Fast fingers 15 in Germany. Mike with Jay Lineham, Taylorem Rosenbauer, Gary Chin and many more filmed a nine minute long video.Taylor Rosenbauer has posted something similar about a week ago. They filmed many tricks on blackriver ramps g8 park which is made for left handed people, so they did there a lot of different tricks. (more…)

Video: Valentin Leiber

videoI bet only a few people knew a name Valentin Leiber before Fast Fingers, now it is opposite, almost everybody knows him. He is probably the biggest suprise in the year 2012, because he is a new world champion. Today he made a video for flaked, he is a new teamrider. I have never seen a video from him before. He absolutely deserves it, he has really big bunch of hard tricks and combinations. (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoNew indoor and also outdoor video from Mike Schneider. IL crew + Doug Bodkin, Jay Lineham, Sam Aronie and Mike made really nice fingerboard park and did a super big session on it. The park is called a Doctor’s park and I like it very much. I want to ride it, it looks really nice. Mike and his friends filmed on it a lot of tricks. All of them are really sick a smooth. I really like the filming it is so good. (more…)

Video: Manu Oberle

videoManu Oberle made a trip to the United States of America to California. There lives his friend Ro who is also good fingerboarder. You can know him because he makes really good rails and he is a Berlinwood fingerboards teamrider. Manu made some small session with him in his house. Every shot is filmed on a gopro camera, I think gopro number 2 and I must say, quality is really nice. (more…)

Video: Harald Schn

videoHell yeah, this is one of the best videos from Harry and the best from the harrics. He filmed this footage after BATH. It is really BIG session at the “harrics” park in the blackriver store. In video we can see there a lot of well-known fingerboarders such as Adrian Witzel, Jeldo Ulpts and many more from Germany and also a lot of riders from another countries, like Ivan Parra Trigueros, Chris Deso,etc… (more…)

Video: Kassel Ost by David Fiene

videoBowls, bowls and again bowls, it should be description of a contest which was about week ago and which was called Kassel Ost bowlmasters. I think you must saw one video from a contest by Marc W., now there is a new one from David Fiene. He captured really nice atmosphere and some chilling activities like grilling or something like this with his reflex camera. Also he filmed announcement of a winner-Steffen Bronsert. (more…)