Video: Max Bube

videoWhen I say Max Bube, I recall his awesome videos with some special vibe which only he can make. This video isn’t exception. Max really has a feeling for making good shots and for choice of a place. He often makes his videos in nature, that’s what i really like. He rides always his street obstacles but today he used his winkler mini too. Music is perfect, I like everything in this video. (more…)

Video: Marcus Wei

videoMarcus Wei made a really good video from fast fingers 15.In video we can see lot of well-known riders like a Dimitri Schlotthauer, Ramon Angelow, Kerry Williams, Gary Chin, Taylor Rosenbauer, Tobias Stoll, Mitko Kanev, Fabio Schaffer, Ivan Parra Trigueros, Benne Mller and much more. In my opinion this video is one of the best videos from fast fingers with excellent quality. (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Shane Martin

videoGreen tea, that is the new fingerboard video from American rider Shane Martin. Shane again kills it like a boss, he is riding at night with an artificial lighting. You can see lot of awesome trick there. Shane has got really good 360 pop shove it. This trick became very popular this year, almost everyone is doing it. Shane is killing this trick on blackriver ramps box in the biggest style. (more…)

Video: Vik Fleger

videoVik Fleger is a young guy from Germany who really knows how to fingerboard. Today he filmed a new video with a name Forest lawn, in which Vik shows us his new camera. This video is filmed on his garden. There are lot of good tricks, all of them are really sick combos. The music in video is great. So, it is just about chilling, blue sky, sun and awesome fingerboarding! (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike Schneider, owner of an American company flatface fingerboards found an old video in his computer an edited it. All of it is filmed in his house, i think when the Rendezvous was, because you can see there riders from blackriver ramps and berlinwood fingerboards for example Timo Lieben or Harald Schn. It is filmed on gopro which has really good quality but the sound isn’t nice. (more…)

Video: Adrian Witzel

videoI think all of you know the name Adrian Witzel. This guy is sponsored by flatface fingerboards and blackriver ramps. His videos are on of the best in fingerboarding scene and always have really good vibe in it. Today he edited some art video in Berlin. There is some fingerboarding but not too much it is more likely lifestyle in the city of Berlin and some skateboarding in local skatepark. (more…)

Video: Eurotrip

videoIt is about two months ago, when Indonesian fingerboard group of riders made an Eurotrip. They were in France and Germany where they have participated in Battle at the Harrics. Today a video from this trip came out. I want to highlight one name: Dhyano Arkani. This Indonesian guy absolutely killed it at BATH, unfortunately he lost battle against Nico Frank. Big respect for him! (more…)

Videos: Fast fingers 15

videoThere has appeared a lot of videos from fast fingers 15 on youtube. Some of them aren’t so good but lot of them are really nice. I choose 3 of them. The first one is whole video from the finals. The second one is a full lenght video from this contest, there is almost everything and the last one is little bit shorter but very nice and has got a really good vibe. I recommend to check all of them. (more…)

Video: Greg Hermann

videoA fingerboard rider Greg Hermann from berlin made a new video as a support for Berlinwood. He is sponsored short time but he deserves it and he is propagating this brand very much. In this video he choose a blackriver ramp polebank and some street concrete curb. He killed it on it and on flatground too. Last trick shove-it nose manual nollie 360 kickflip on a cassette is really stylish. (more…)

Video: Fast Fingers by Nico Frank

videoNew video from Fast fingers 15 by Nico Frank. Starring Nico Frank, Fabio Schaffer, Daniel Zeise, Dimitri Schlotthauer, Jeldo Ulpts and many more. He filmed most important moments there and lot of amazing tricks and combos. Nico Frank was my secret tip as a next winner of Fast fingers because he is successful in many contests, makes awesome videos and has a skill. (more…)

Video: Fast Fingers final GOS

videoOn saturday in Schwarzenbach, Germany there was the biggest fingerboard competition in the world Fast fingers 15. Today i found a video from big final between Petr Pt?ek from Czech republic and Valentin Leiber from Germany. It was really dramatic and unfortunately Valentin finished this battle with switch flip manual. Congratulations to both of them. Bigger report comming soon. (more…)

Video: Juro Danko

videoNew video from Slovakian fingerboard rider Juraj Danko. He finally made a new fingerboard video after long time and I have to say that he has a good comeback. All tricks are really hard and clean landed in style. All of them are filmed on a Harrier ramp called “51″, you can see that he made some nice street graffiti graphic on it. Juro Danko is still one of the best riders in Slovakia. (more…)

Video: Matty Taylor

videoFlatface rider from America Matty Taylor made a new video with his friend Alex. They are riding 32mm wide Berlinwood fingerboards with nice designs, especially the Star wars one is epic. I was little bit suprised of music choice, it is really crazy but whatever tricks are pretty sick, lightning and edit too. And primarily his awesome clean style and his fingerboarding skills. (more…)

Video: Blackriver ramps box 7

videoMartin Beckmann shows us in his video the new blackriver ramp called box 7. I was laughing at the beginning of it when he took out some rare things from the box. Blackriver are trying to do obstacles real, this obstacle is demonstration of it. Artificial greenery makes this ramp so cool. This box was available at fast fingers yesterday, but it isn’t in stock now. However, I think it will be very soon. (more…)