Video: Daniel Galwas

videoWhere is your favorite place to ride? For most riders is the working table in their room. It should by any kind of table but must be good for fingerboarding and you must land every trick on it. Daniel challenged his own glassy table and landed a few tricks on it. There will be also one obstacle in the video. In short, it is a chill short video with a few tricks. Daniel has something in his fingers and hope than he will be more creative next time. Now just hit the button and watch what is (more…)

Video: Axel Wahl

video2000 is really nice number for youtube subscribers don’ you think? That is the number of Axel Wahl’s subscribers on his own youtube channel. This video is a small gift for supporting him. It looks like he cut footage from his best riding. Some tricks are also from the outside where is fine to rider because of weather. Sun is shining and stuff. Very nice for fingerboarding. You better stand up, find your deck and go try to land some tricks on your favorite outdoor spot (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

EFC Fingerboard Club Opening Event

videoWe have pretty nice video from the EFC Fingerboard Club Opening Event. There were a lot of riders who came to try to win some prizes from sponsors on little contest. Also there are parks, obstacles, shop and stuff. You simply need to be there next time in the future. Lot of tricks and lot of people. This video will show you tricks from many riders and many styles. Sit down and watch EFC Fingerboard Club. Hope to see you there newt time! Now just press play (more…)

Video: A fingerboard Montage

videoWhen we are talking about filming a montage with a bunch of riders it is every time very exciting experience for all of them. When a lot of riders film a lot of fingerboarding it is every time very good news. 3 and a half minute long video of nice landed and clean trick. That is all about this montage because there are a lot of good riders. If you have a few fingerboard friends, you can film something similar. Watch this stuff right now! Just hit the play button and relax (more…)

Video: Jan Walter

videoJan Walter is for sure very good rider. And as a proof we have this little video, where he built this nice curb from a piece of marble. Here you can see that you don’t need big stuff, lot of obstacles and parks because you can enjoy your fingerboarding with a lot of home stuff. Just look around and find something rideable. And now watch this video where will Jan Walter show you what tricks you can land on similar curb on box. Press play and watch (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mndez & Mauro

videoJoaquin Mndez and his friend Mauro enjoyed some fingerboarding at Friday together. They filmed some stuff, some fingerboarding and everything is fine, just chill. They built some obstacles with what they found at home. If you don’t want to of have no money you simply can create everything from home stuff. But everyone have at least one original +brr+ obstacle you can have it too. Now just sit down and watch this pretty nice stuff from Joaquin Mndez & Mauro (more…)

Fingerboarder Magazine #3

Fingerboarder MagazineIf you are active readers of Fingerboard Magazine than we have good news for you because third issue is available now. As usual you will find a lot of useful information about the world scene of fingerboarding. Lot of news and stuff. So, if you are interested and want to have latest news from the scene we recommend you to buy this magazine full of amazing stuff. Third issue is available at the Swat Shop or Blackriver Shop. So, hit the e-shop and order some (more…)

Video: Victoria Wisner

videoAnother welcome video but this time into FlatFace team and the rider is not a guy but girl. Victoria Wisner will show us what her fingers can do with a fingerboard. Very nice tricks and very nice style. Position in the FlatFace team is really good start in fingerboard career and Mike Schneider will definitely support. Also Victoria can meet Mallory Curtis to be a girl partners or something. Video is available below and you need to watch it because its good (more…)

Video: Chris Kraft

videoLot of welcome videos of brand new Berlinwood team riders last time and this is another one. Chris Kraft is a new Berlinwood team rider and this is his welcome video. But not very good to me. It is probably by that homemade park because tricks are really sketchy. We don’t even like his style. Just take a look by yourself. Ho don’t even show much interesting tricks on this video but who cares? Hope to see more next time. Video is available below. Take a look (more…)

Video: Guilherme Braz

videoYou know that feeling when you have enough of school and don’t have any time for something else. Someone passed thru this infinite merry-go-round with successful graduation and someone not yet. Guilherme Braz definitely don’t like studying like near everybody because this video is named “study break”. Pretty sad music in the video. Guilherme is probably bad guy in school and he need to study really hard. Now just watch this video. Is available below, hit the button (more…)

Video: Axel Wahl

videoAxel Wahl filmed pretty interesting footage and advertisement for Kerry’s new eshop. What is all about? You can watch a lot of interesting tricks and this video have an idea. Everything start with very nice intro. Then a massive part of tricks begin. His stuff is in nice style. Axel is a good rider, everybody know that. Environment is also good because is clean, you can focus only on his tricks and fingerboarding. Video is available below so hit the button and watch right now (more…)

Trickipedia: No Comply

No ComplyNils Frster will show us pretty interesting trick in the another part of The Dirty Harry’s trickipedia. What trick will you learn today? No Comply is a serious problem for your fingers because this trick is really hard to land. Looking easy in the video but it is not that easy as it looks like. Nils Frster will show you how to do that like him. If you will learn this stuff, let us know for example in the video. Now just hit the button, grab your fingerboard and start to learn (more…)

Video: Jan Walter

videoLooking for serious package of fingerboarding with nice edit? Well, you are right here today because we have that kind of video for you. Jan Walter is the guy what you are searching for. This guy can do cool stuff with the fingerboard and also with his camera. He is filming everything and editing in the computer. Just take a look at it because it is really good stuff. Lot of obstacles, few angles and some tricks. Video is available below, hit the button (more…)

Video: Greg Hermann

videoSome rider was here some time back with exactly the same information like this. Today we will write it again. Greg Hermann is another new Berlinwood team rider. This video is work of The Dirty Harry and shows all Greg’s skills in one piece. He is riding nice g9 +Blackriver-Ramps+ park. You will see all important Greg’s skills and The Dirty Harry will pack it in one piece for you. Video is available below co you need only to hit the button and watch this stuff (more…)