Video: Steil am Steig

videoLittle bit unordinary video today, less fingerboarding but more fun! As they said: “Instead of renting a flat with restrictions what to do with the place Timo Lieben, Martin Winkler and Hansen decided to buy an old tavern and use it as a flat share and meeting point. The tavern was known as am Steig” and they kept the name for the place. In december 2010 — only a few weeks after the freaks moved in – a house-warming party took place. A stage was built inside the livingroom (more…)

Fast Fingers 15

Fast Fingers 15Of course in Schwarzenbachu/Saale. Yes, Fast Fingers 15 is here. This year at 26.5. This information is really exclusive. Also, this years FF event is pretty jubilee: “We are not just celebrating the 15th edition of this extraordinary event, it also is the 5th world championship at the same time!”. Right, you must be there! Everything will be definitely bigger and super awesome. So, you can start packing your fingerboard stuff and get ready for ride! More (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Malte Rie

video10th part of these videos. Guys are serious and every day we got something new, yesterday we got something and today we have another part. It is pretty cool to have every day new video ready. Today there is Malte Rie and his fingerboard skills. Also this piece is some way different because when we sow it, we was sure that we see rider named Hulca – one of the old Snobstyle Fingerboards team riders. On the other hand, tricks are perfect, especially last one. Now just watch it (more…)

Video: Mallory Curtis

videoMallory Curtis aka flatface team rider filmed some tricks outside. Why not if there is nice warm weather and if you have idea what tricks and obstacles to choose. The result looks really nice and you have opportunity to watch this piece below. Music is good and stylish, and she can definitely ride a fingerboard like female boss! And how about you and your fingerboarding? Let’s grab your fingerboard and go outside to find some interesting spots and of course film it! Let’s show us (more…)

Video: Moritz Wchter

videoNine video in the row from the same park today with Moritz Wchter. This guy will challenge everything what will cross his riding. As usual, original obstacles, perfect surface for riding and a lot of interesting tricks. Everything packed with nice music and good editing. This videos could be something new after Harry’s videos. Hope to we will see every day something new and something original and never seen before. Video is available below so hit the button and watch this part (more…)

Fingerboard Gallery 9

Fingerboard Gallery 9Another fingerboard gallery of interesting decks and setups. As we are all used to, we have a lot of nice fingerboards, decks and setups, lot of interesting designs, color variations and some different shapes. Is there any fingerboard what you would like to take home with you? Definitely yes. Many of than, am I right? Just don’t say anything and take a look at all these beautiful fingerboards. And if it is not enough, take a look at older galleries available below the post (more…)

Video: Lukas Henneberger

videoAnother video, this time 8th in the row from Lukas Henneberger. He will try to do his best at good looking street park and will show us his fingerboarding. Tricks are landed really fast and in good tempo. It is not every time about super sick tricks because not everyone can land it. If you want to ride easy tricks you must add more style and pop than it will be better than super hard tricks. And you also need to film it good and add some effects maybe. Lukas know how to do (more…)

Video: Guilherme Braz

videoPretty interesting video today. It is all about 20 tricks by Guilherme Braz but with great help of his friend Joo Castela. Every single trick looks really clean and like landed on first try, am I right? Tricks are clean as hell and we can see that there is a lot of practise done. And also really good way to not getting bored. And now? Start skype, call some friends and film what tricks can you land. Video is available below as usual and you only need to hit the magic play button, so do it (more…)

Video: Area 51 fingerboard park opening

Area 51 fingerboard park openingAs we noticed some time back, there was interesting park opening if you remember. What was all about? Opening of interesting fingerpark created from big brother skatepark located in the same area. It is pretty cool to have fingerboard park and skatepark because you can grab you skate and fingerboard and go try the same tricks on the same spots on both decks. Also park looks really realistic and cool. Really great work. Just take a look at it (more…)

Video: Fabio Schaffer

videoAfter long series of videos we have another one from this kind of videos. Main difference is only in rider who perform the tricks. Everything else is the same. Style, tricks in clean style as hell, whole video quality. Really awesome video and nice watching. Fabio Schaffer will show us his fingerboarding and his skills on this perfect environment. So, all you need to do right now is it down, open it on fullscreen, reset to hd and watch this piece of perfect fingerboarding. Than play (more…)

Video: Alex Karg

videoAnother video from very similar environment. What is all about? New video from package of all videos what we presented here some time ago, Nico Frank etc. These videos are very professional and show you how to fully enjoy fingerboarding with friends. Fantastic environment, static and moving shots from camera and a lot of different obstacles will make you to want try all possible tricks. When you add good music like in this one? Simply awesome video. Available below as (more…)

Video: Bernardo Bastos

videoBernardo Bastos will show us some fingerboarding in easy thematic style. How long he filmed this video? I think not much because he can land every trick at first try on any stance. But how about last tricks? It was little bit longer because it is really huge and very difficult trick. On the other hand, all tricks are super clean and with maximum precision. Music is little bit strange but why not? Now just stop talking and let’s take a look at it. Available below, all you need it hit the (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mndez

videoJoaquin Mndez is rider with very nice and clean style. He can combine a lot of tricks together for example a lot of easy tricks with grinds plus some extraordinary super hard beast trick like in this video. Interesting spot, only box and side wall and he can land a lot of tricks I think near every tricks is landed there. Video is available below so all what you need to do is click the play button. You never seen this clean tricks in your life before, don’t miss it. Play it in fullscreen and in HD (more…)

Photo: Ramon Angelow

Photo: Ramon AngelowWhat we got today? Ramon Angelow in a few photos. We have only a few photos but it is not a problem, am I right? Ramon is a +Blackriver-Ramps+ team rider but this information is very well known. He can beat you in game of skate with five tricks and it is very probably to meet him at some fingerboard competition so you can challenge him and see how many letters will he gain from you. Now just view every photo in this gallery. Available below (more…)