Video: Axel Wahl

videoOnce upon a time we have really awesome video. And why? Because is better than other videos. Axel Wahl takes my personal point of video of the month because is simply the best what I saw. That clean tricks, edit and chill. Music is also good. Axel simply know how to film and edit a perfect video. It will be interesting if not because he own a really good white table and black background. I really love video like this one. Just take a look and you will know what I am saying (more…)

Video: Honza Hrinda

videoHonza Hrinda can also sometimes film some random footage of his fingerboarding. Today he would like to present his last piece. Everything is in slow motion so you can see what tricks and even how are landed. So you can tell us what he is doing bad or stuff like that. Not a lot of tricks but something is there. He plans to add even more videos in normal speed and longer in the future you stay tuned to see more from him. Today just watch this small video. Everything what you need now is to hit the (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Jonathan Brunner

videoEverybody used to create videos due to number of subscribers on their youtube channel. You know, when you reach some beautiful number, you will create some video for your people. This rider do it differently. He is 2 years on youtube so he filmed a very nice video for his subscribers. And this video is very, very well made. Really a lot of tricks and different obstacles. And when you add nice music? No one will have problem with it. Now just go watch it and film something too (more…)

Video: Tom Gerhart & Frederick Mieke

videoTom Gerhart & Frederick Mieke are main riders in this video. And I don’t need to say that this video is very nice. If not, cannot be published here. There are a lot of obstacles and many tricks on them. Angles of view are changing and also we have fine music. But what is interesting? Especially the marble decks and the design on them. I like it very much. It is probably drawn by some kind of fix. Just take a look by yourself and you will see what I am talking about (more…)

Video: Cody Zehner

videoEverybody should own at least one rail. And those riders who not, they grind some edge in best way from marble. Today will Cody show some interesting tricks what can be landed on round rail. By the way, rails are very used and everybody loves them because you can land a lot of trick variations on them and because you can connect it with other obstacles and create bigger obstacles for huge combos. Now just take a look at Cody’s style and his tricks on round rail (more…)

Tricktip: Bigspin Heelflip

Bigspin HeelflipI think it is right time to another tricktip, don’t you think? We hope you learned tricks what we presented before and now you can practise them like a boss. Today’s piece will tell you how to Bigspin Heelflip. I look very hard but nope, it is not that hard as it looks like. Lukas Vorechovsky SNS Team rider will show you little preview of this trick in his video. We hope you will learn it very fast. Now just start reading and try to land it in first try. It is really easy as you will (more…)

Video: Guilherme Braz

videoYep, videos with unfocused environment are usually very nice. If you have no problem with creating video environment like this, you can simply film a very similar video. Only one thing, you need a good camera. After all, need to land some tricks and that can be a problem sometimes. Everyone knows it. We all have days when we cannot simply land any trick. In this case, you need to keep pushing or try it another day. On the other hand, this video is simply awesome and perfect (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider & Doug Bodkin

videoMike has no fear and he is still filming his fingerboarding. This video is only a “test” but looks like a professional footy. Mike bought new zoom lens, that is why “test”. For me it is not very test video because it really looks very nice. He invited his friend Doug Bodkin and together filmed some epic tricks on +brr+ park. That zoom stuff looks really nice and useful. Ok, let’s stop wasting your time and you only need to hit the button on the video below, do it right now (more…)

Video: Ivan Labalestra

videoOnce upon a time we have really luxury video from someone. Today is that day because Ivan Labalestra filmed a very nice looking fingerboard video. He challenged his own little box with a lot of tricks. It is simple, if you have professional footage and shots, perfect environment plus some slow motion shots also with great music, you will every time gain a perfect video. Hope you like this piece like me and now look below and watch it closely. This is how should good video looks (more…)

Video: Damian Dederichs & Yannik Schmitt

videoThese two riders will show us how it is to ride G6 +Blackriver-Ramps+ plaza. Also we have a pretty nice intro included. After all there is finally G6 plaza where a lot of tricks will be landed and of course in awesome style. But who don’t want park like this at home? Yea, G6 is a little bit older but who cares? It can still offer a lot of fingerboarding and interesting obstacles. Just take a look by yourself. This video is really nice and with good music as a background (more…)

Video: Martin Winkler

videoI don’t need to remind that Martin Winkler is a king of mini ramp and pool, am I right? Everyone should know that. In this video we got small pool and Martin Winkler as a rider. He can still ride as well as usual. Video is small advertisement for +Blackriver-Trucks+ which are also on Martin’s board. He will challenge this pool like a boss, editing of this video makes it looking like only one ride. It is pretty awesome. You definitely must watch it and watch it now. Just hit the play (more…)

Video: Chris Spranger

videoChris Spranger will show us some tricks which everyone should know. Riding a fingerboard like this, on the flat land, should everyone try at least one a day, because it is best way to learn new thing, new tricks. If you don’t know new trick well, you cannot practise it with grinds, slides or other stuff. At first you need to know how to land it at the flat. In this video we have nice tricks but really annoying background music so turn music of or down but watch this video definitely (more…)

Video: Dario Bello

videoDario presents his new welcome video. And we all know that if you have welcome video you usually want to land the best tricks what you know. Yep, Dario will show us his very best tricks. Whole thing is very well filmed and edited and with awesome slow motion shots is this video very nice. Tricks are from difficult category so you will like this video I hope. You must be tired of reading this text so skip it and hit the god damn play button now! And then, watch it again (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike probably earn very interesting deck called unique for free. What is so unique? Well, at first for its wide because is 32 mm wide and also have no concave. That is definitely no problem for Mike, because he landed a lot of tricks in this awesome video. Whole deck looks very nice and funny at the same time. Also we have a very cool music as a background so I am sure that no one get bored while watching. Mike won’t let you get bored. Now just hit the play button and watch (more…)