Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012It is successfully behind us. One number will change up in date again and everyone hopefully enter the new year 2012. So this is right time to think about your new year resolution. Don’t know any tricks? Going to learn some extra hard trick? Just say that you will learn it in one week for example. Happy new Year for everyone who it reading this right now and successful start in new year. Wish you to land every trick in super clean style and as you want to land it. Once again, happy new Year (more…)

Video: Jan Uhl?

videoWe have exclusive video here today from famous Czech fingerboard rider named Jan Uhl? from Woodguest team. If you know him than you will connect his style with him very fast because is very special. Also Honza is on near every fingerboard event so you can meet him easily. But what video offers? A lot of shoveits and some difficult tricks. I very like his fingerboard design and whole deck as we can see in the beginning of the video. Hit the button and you will (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Butter D.

videoA few tricks on a small table. These small obstacles have one advantage. You can carry them where you want with you. Big obstacles also too but small one do not take much space in bag. So, if you like this small obstacles why not. +Blackriver-Ramps+ offer another small one, I think a mini ramp. Small mini is too mini for me, I don’t like it but you can, it is rideable. Big or normal obstacles are the best anyway. Now let’s watch what he can do with small table and (more…)

Video: Ed Garner

videoThis video is full of tricks. Ed Garner is one rider from Flatface team and he also rides for some other companies. Video is short part for one team Christmas montage. Ed definitely likes to flip everything to grinds and slides. So many 360 flips and other different tricks. Why not if he know how to ride it. And when you are as good as Ed, you simply have no problem with more and more difficult trick variations. Of course every trick is in huge style. Hit the play button right now and you will (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

videoMike usually rides with his friends in videos but today we have him alone only with +Blackriver-Ramps+ G9 park. We can watch Mikes style and sometimes crazy tricks plus closer look at G9 park which is very nice and full of interesting obstacles. Everyone will love to have this park in his room am I right? Is there something better than came home from school or work and have this park in the middle of your room ready to ride? I think no. But maybe, (more…)

Video: Julius Guth

videoYou will definitely film as good video as possible if will have 2200 subscribers on youtube. This rider has no fear, tricks look very easy on this video, like an ollie for you but if you watch closely, you will see that these tricks are very complicated but Julius can land everything. And take a look again, and watch his style. On a style scale from one to ten i give him twelve. In short he is very, very good rider and this video is simply awesome. You don’t believe me? Watch it and you will see that I am (more…)

Video: Chris Spranger

videoFound Pornstorm plaza by +Blackriver-Ramps+ under the Christmas tree and don’t know how to use it? There are a lot of options how to ride. This obstacle is in big street style. Everyone will definitely find it’s way to use it. But if you ran out with ideas, we have small help for you. Chris Spranger will show you some his tricks on this obstacle. So, watch closely and learn some new options how to ride this monster. Everything is up to you. Hope to this video will help a (more…)

Video: Sebastian Skov Andersen

videoThis is what I call a welcome video. Sebastian will throw up some tricks like a boss. Why not if you have granite decks on the table. Everyone know that magic feeling when you ride that smooth surface. Than you only need to focus your camera and turn on the lights. Also need to use some obstacles if you want to film something unordinary. But if you know a lot of tricks you can film some flatland tricks. You know, some slow-mo flatland stuff is always good. Now just hit the button (more…)

Fingerboard Gallery 3

Fingerboard Gallery 3We gave you small fingerboard gallery long time ago and now we are back with new one. We will continue in this series with brand new galleries and fingerboards. So, let’s take a look on this gallery full of 30 photos of fingerboards from all around the world. Different designs and shapes. In some time we will add more and more interesting fingerboards so recommend you to stay tuned. And now just sit and watch all the photos closely. And if you are lucky, there will be (more…)

Video: Merry Flatface Christmas

videoWhat we got here today? Seems to be a Merry Christmas montage from Flatface. It can be a small present from Flatface because this video is near 9 minutes long. It is enough to watch every trick. There is also some tricks from Mike Schneider too. Christmas day is successfully behind us but don’t worry, there is new year and definitely new videos in connection with this day. Everything will be available here as usual so stay tuned! And merry Christmas (more…)

Video: Julian G.

videoI’d like to say that this video don’t need any commentary but we have some text intro here every time and this post won’t be a exception. But why no commentary? Because this rider can ride in very, very clean style, everyone will see it. I never seen before that many tricks in one line like this. But if it is not enough for you, just go check whole youtube profile of this robot-rider. No more time wasting reading and go watch it. You will see I am right! And if not, show me better (more…)

Video: Tim Ptz

videoTim Ptz is one from well known riders. We will take a quick trip to the Manchester and ride some pretty awesome outdoor spots. There are a lot of interesting trick variations what can be used as an inspiration for your favourite spot. At the ending of a whole video Tim will throw up very nice landed trick. In addition three times in a row. Do you know how is this trick called? Let us know if you are true fingerboarder, everyone would know it. Now just watch and enjoy for example very well edited slow (more…)

Merry Christmas

Vesel VnoceBy the name of whole editorial we want to wish you merry Christmas and thanks for your support. We will post even more interesting articles and galleries from fingerboarding world. We wish you happy spending of Christmas holidays with family or if you are going to mountains for some skiing or something and hope that you will find everything what you want under the Christmas tree. There will be definitely some fingerboard stuff! Once again merry (more…)

Video: Jon P.

videoHere we have Jon P. in his short video where will show some tricks to us. I really like intro and used song in this video. On the other hand there is small problem with slow-mo. He is probably using only 30 frames per second camera and when he slows it down a little it will be always blurry. How to fix it? Use better camera with more than 30 frames per second for slow motion. 60 or more FPS cameras are really good for nice and sharp slow-mo shots. In fact, it does not matter, this video is good (more…)