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BRR TrucksBlackriver Trucks are the best stuff what can be in the market for trucks branch. Quality, processing, durability and functionality of several fold greater than other trucks. Not only that the they are on the market for some time but it offers a piece of professional equipment for all. These trucks are now in wide release – in 32 mm and have a lot of colors to chose. So you can align your set perfectly and show everyone what you taste. What is this information about? BRR Trucks (more…)

+Blackriver-Ramps+ Funbox Kink Rail

Funbox+BRR+ releases another obstacle, which is great funbox. What does it offer? Mobile travel where you want and quite a solid rail. This obstacle does not bring too much new shapes but it opens up possibilities for new funbox tricks. You can challenge that huge transfer and also can use the kink rail. This obstacle look very commonly like in skatepark. However, this funbox is not that small like “reloaded” obstacles and definitelly will offer something new. How about the flip transfer to tail slide (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

+Blackriver-Ramps+ Pornstorm Plaza

Pornstorm PlazaAs you may know +BRR+ again released a new obstacle. It is a reptile that looks really luxurious and offers everything what you need to maximum satisfaction. What does it offer? Luxury gap across the grass, great bank and boxes. All in one. It’s actually a lot like a small park, because it really have something for everyone. The whole thing is focused on the street and I think that +BRR+ recently introduce one obstacle better than another. Let’s see what will appear (more…)

Video: Session in Bercy

VideoThe winter is knocking on the door and it’s right time to cut older videos. This time we look into the sun-drenched Paris – Bercy, where this guys passed little meet-up probably sometime in the summer. The whole thing looks very cool when you meet a bunch of people, it’s always best time of the month. Film a few videos, shoot some photos and enjoy the great day. There were a lot of trick, as you see in the video. Overall, the spot is like made for similar sessions like this one. Just pack a few (more…)

Video: Daniel Lindqvist

VideoAlthough short but concise video from rider named Daniel Lindqvist, who proudly presents Yellowood brand. The video shows us what she could do on the fingerboard. Once you see the whole video and you realize that sponsoring by Yellowood is on right guy. After all drove perfectly clear. Just a pity that length, but videos like this one are very watchable. We can only hope that Daniel will release some more stuff. However, probably yes, because his account on (more…)

Fingerboarder Magazine #2

Fingerboarder MagazineMost of you have certainly read Fingerboarder Magazine. Now we have information that the second part of this magazine is about to go on sale. On the occasion of publication of this luxury reading at the headquarters +Blackriver-Ramps+ will be held the release party this saturday. If you are planning a trip to Schwarzenbach an der Saale in Germany, do not forget your fingerboard and skateboard well and if you want to sleep – sleeping bag. The rest of us, who not (more…)

Video: Jesse Farr

VideoThis guy can ride it pretty well, don’t you think? Today’s video carries a lot of light and clean style, because the rider can show us a lot of difficult tricks. Each trick is done with maximum precision and a little bit in skate style. What more? Perhaps the fact that once again shows that simple box can provide you a really fun session, if you know what tricks you want to film. So if your box was not enough, you can look at something else. Jesse’s box is enought for him but he can ride (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

VideoMike is one of the riders who just shoots videos all the time. This activity give him a lot of populirity, because he is simply visible for everyone. Ever since the time when Mike started fingerboarding we were watching his videos, even though it was a little boy from America who only knew the fingerboard until he came to +Blackriver-Ramps+ team some time ago. You all remember the time, hm, only the older of you. This video below to Mike extensive collection of videos that he made. He (more…)

Video: FlatFace Fingerboard Rendezvous 1

VideoEveryone has surely heard about Mike Schneider. Yes, the rider stand behind FlatFace company and emergence of fingerboard contest called Fingerboard Rendezvous. Today’s video is from 2001, when this event took place first time. Today it looks a little different, because the whole thing has grown rapidly, and these small races for a couple of people over the years become the largest races in America. Surprised by its length? Thumb up if you watch whole (more…)

Street Church

street churchIn cooperation with the Swat Distribution at 11.26 an interesting event will take place in the center of Prague on the Strahov. What is it? This event is designed to prevent drug and criminal activities for young people. This project combines creative street culture and the message of the Bible. Church Street is a project that brings a wide range of regular events – steady break from school B-Boy Life Foudnation to lecture evenings Life FAQ. It is actually a rare thing for which is Wessani (more…)

BRR Trucks 2.0 wide

Brr wide+Blackriver-Ramps+ is known as the best react compeny to changes in fingerboarding. BRR brings re-edited trucks 2.0, which in turn are a little broader. This version has a whopping 32mm, which will definitely satisfy all fingerboarders. Not too much changes, trucks are simply a bit wider. So you can enjoy the top quality, long life and great functionality. It offers all trucks 2.0. So if you are considering buying a truck and have a slightly wider board, this is the clear choice. Available at (more…)

Video: Kerry Williams

VideoWe have videos from the famous rider, who is none other than Kerry Williams. Kerry is not afraid of anything and will ride every trick as clean as possible. And for more on such a small box. Short obstacles are always a problem, because it is not enough time to adjust your fingers when you drop to box for next trick, so everything must be perfect and clean as possible. But Kerry knows how to do it and everything will show in this video. I hope we will se a lot of videos from Kerry like (more…)

Video: Daniel Lindqvist

VideoWinter is slowly knocking on the door which means that outdoor spots are completelly gone for some time. Yet ist quite rideable outsite, so here is a video from Daniel Lindqvist, who was not afraid, and challenge outdoor forest spot. It’s not a paradise but rather a wood deck on the rock. But it does not matter, because the purpose meet perfectly and in the end we have a luxury themed video. In addition, there are some very luxury tricks, like everytime when (more…)

Photo: Playground Opening

fotoPlayground Opening in Brno is successfully behind us and now we bring you the much anticipated photos from this event. Traditionally taken by Havy, who really knows what to do with the camera. Captured the key moments for you the whole event including the park where the event occurred. Together with Horsefeathers, we reward the winners, handed out a pile of stickers and enjoy the whole event. Hope to we will gather around this amazing spot once more, for example next (more…)