Video: Sam Aronie

VideoHomemade obstacles in the videos already appear very often but today we have an exception. Sam produced something like a staircase with sloping sides and he can ride them very well. At first glance, it looks as though the material was ordinary but the plaster begins to ride so we can see that it’s something else, something stronger. If you have such material, and then you have almost won, because you can make any street obstacle. Video will say much (more…)

Video: Honza Karsch

VideoHonza Karsch after an extended period showed that he can still ride fingerboard like on old times. Today’s video is about the show that Iam right. Nollie heelflip in big style cannot be seen every day and on the very tricky nosegrindu round stairs. But that’s not all. Switch is also exceedingly great. This video is short but compelling. Hopefully, it will appear more and longer videos, which falls far more tricks and even be on different obstacles. Maybe Honza should tr y another (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Mike Schneider

VideoDo you have a mini-ramp or something bigger? Or just radius and want to learn some of those tricks? In that case, you are right here today, because we have a load of tricks performed by Mike Schneider. Tricks are in slowmo so you can learn them easily. This is not a bland complexity, it just wants to exercise, strong nerves, time and everything is possible. So good luck with your training and hope we will see some your videos in time? Dont waste time, film it, (more…)

Exclusive gypsum park

parkThe editorial email us landed interesting photos of gypsum park, which happens to be a bit similar to what we had at this year’s EFC. Production of such a park had to take a piece of work, because its size is almost close to the original. Regardless of how many plaster had to be consumed. The result of finel park looks really well made and there are also special features such as (more…)

Video: Matty Taylor

VideoFlatFace team headed by Mike Schneider welcomed into its ranks a new rider. Is it Matty Taylor. And how goes? You can see it in today’s video. That Matty knows ride it cannot be mentioned. This guy throw tricks like a machine, the maximum style with an overview, plus it has a very nice filming. Quality video just as it should be. Look at it and judge for yourself that Matty just (more…)

Video: Chris Daniels

VideoYou know someone with better style then Chris Daniels? Someone who can ride every trick? Someone who can film videos like him? No? Dont worry. We have video of this kind here today. Chris Danies is on of those people who can film video what you play again and again simply cause you love it. Tricks what he rides are often beyond the limits! Watch it! And then wath it again (more…)

Video: Victoria Wisner

VideoVictoria Wisner is one of famous riders from Blosom team where is Kerry Williams riding by the way. So as you guess, this girl can ride fingerboard very well. Some tricks ale little bit sketchy but effort is appreciated. In addition this is girl which are not very offen seen in our sport. Don’t talk too much and lets watch this video. What tricks she can do on her marble box? How nice style (more…)

+BRR+ new products

Swat+Blackriver-Ramps+ still work hard on new solutions of ramps for everyday riding. Todays post will give you a quick look at new ramps. Especially at box IV – Reloaded and Kink-Ledge low. Where is the difference? Box have special bank on one side you its give you more trick variations ald a lot of fun as a plus. The Kink-Ledge low is edited older ramp. This one is in the video below by Harry. We recommend you to join Kink-Ledge low with Double Stairsetup for more fun. Also you can these ramps on swat (more…)

Video: Lukas Vorechovsky

VideoYou can meet this guy named Lukas Vorechovsky on near every our event. First time we met him on EFC when Havy took him to action. Since this time he is in team and this is his video. Vori is very good rider as you can see today. So lets hope we will see more videos from him. He will work hard and on next video I hope he will throw up something like ss lazer flip to (more…)

Video: Xavi Salgado

VideoToday we have chill video by Xavi Salgado and his some perfect tricks in style. If you want to learn something you can, because this video seems pretty clean to me. You only need to ride easier tricks but in style like this guy. And if you film it, cut it, and add some chillin music you will definitely get a lot of positive comments. So, dont sit in front of monitor and go out film (more…)

Video: Ladronka Fest

fotoWe have two videos at once from Ladronka Fest. The one by Honzayk and the second by boys from Germany. Anyway, fits a lot of tricks, especially on the G8 park, which became the main attraction of our booth. Thank God that we had sunny day although it was not looking too hopeful at the morning. Everything changed, however, and everyone who came to the event certainly enjoyed to the fullest. Next year the Ladronka Fest certainly discover again and hope you will visit us (more…)

Photo: Ladronka Fest

fotoThere is no event what will out photograph miss. So what happens? Just as you can see in the attached photo gallery from the event. If you was not there, you missed a alot because it was simply awesome. Of course you lost a lot because we had nice weather, three parks and a lot of riders who literally longed for testing the G8 +Blackriver-Ramps+ park. Well, maybe we’ll meet again next time, hopefully next (more…)

Video: Mike & John

VideoMike Schneider and his friend John meet up and had a nice session on Johns park. This park look like homemade, but Iam not sure about it. Of course its no problem for Mike ’cause he can do everything on anything so this homemade park is really no problem for him. Actually this park is really sick. You will see everything important when you click on play button. So? Do it now! There is (more…)

Fingerboard Playground Opening – report

fingerboard playgroundOn Saturday, 10/08 we met in relatively large number of riders at the openings of interesting spot situated in Brno, specifically in the center of free time. From the beginning it looked like quite with bad weather because of Brno clouds floated stained quite dark shades of gray. Sometimes the sun shone, but occasionally rains. What was the main problem? Cold. Racing concrete park was covered by a tent under which everyone happily snuggling. Of course the place was still (more…)