Fingerboard Playground Opening & Contest

fingerboard playgroundIn Saturday, October 8, 2011 you can meet us on very special event. With support of the we will organize race, where you can win prizes worth a minimum of 10,000 CZK from dedicated sponsors of the race. More interesting, however, is that it is opening a highly original creative project that combines art and fingerboarding. By autor words: “We give this object to all who like fingerboarding. We have conceived it not only as an urban (more…)

Video: Mike Schneider

VideoMike Schneider is the type of rider who do not care about setup because his fingerboard consists mostly of the best on market. They can then concentrate on the style tricks and hone to perfection. Today we have one of these videos here. Specifically, guys there made ??nice box with a slight slant. So, lets take a look on these well-known tricks. Everything is on the style. Just cool and (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Jakub Hofhanzl

VideoWe have luxury video by Jakub Hofhanzl who will show us what he can do on the fingerboard. This guy has it under his fingers and sometimes it is a real hell. What’s more, it’s captured quite a bit of style as usual. This video contains a row of interesting shots, nice marble reptiles from home or from local skatepark where local meets near every day. What more can I say? Just (more…)

Video: Asi Berlin

VideoAsi Berlin race is over and we have some videos from this event. Today I look at the video what is recorded and edited by Kerry Williams. At first we will look at the whole contest, and few nice clean tricks. And then we look to Berlin Store, where you can ride. Kerry also appears and sends a few nice tricks in really nice chill out style. Well simply it was certainly very relaxing weekend as you can see on videos. Adding an older videos of a contest for who is (more…)

Video: Ladronka Fest 2011

VideoFinally, we have Ladronka Fest video! If you stopped there, you have surely noticed that we were shooting the whole event. The resulting footage about 90 minutes we had to cluster in more than 4 minutes of the best that we filmed on location. Fall quite interesting combos. From the beginning Schmidi will asks G8 rail together with Fabi for some tricks. And then show the boys (more…)

Video: Zombie Women of Satan

VideoTake a look at other video and now it will be quite chillin riding by this rider. As can be seen and not always need high quality camera with a fisheye so that we can make perfect vieo, which is at rest watchable. Just one shot at a static obstacle and one more is already in you as you return. If everything is as it should lead you can film it as good as the video below. So, don’t (more…)

Ladronka Fest 2011 – report

ladronka festLadronka fest is successfully behind us and we can confidently say that who didn’t arive missed great event. The weather became sunny in the finals and what was to ride there? +Blackriver-Ramps+ G8 park plus G8 plaza and we have brought a modified version of a children’s park ProParcs with us but most of the riders tasted just great blackriver G8 park. In place you could also rent or buy equipment for fingerboarding in Swat mini shop, which also (more…)

Video: David

VideoToday we got some nice tricks with rider named David. As we can see, for fun fingerboarding and shooting some good video you don’t need big parks, only some obstacles. Lot of interesting tricks in little more easy style, just for beginners. You can learn something from this video. You only need some free time, some luck in your fingers, good environment, music for the background and some program for editing. Now just watch this (more…)

Asi no.6 results

Asi 6We have a comprehensive info about races held under the title ASI no.6 and from Berlin. As in the previous post said the main prize took Nico Frank. Today you can look at the complete results plus some interesting videos from the main event. Of course we can look forward to for next year, which has been already confirmed, so you wont lose anything. So if you missed this years ASI Berlin you can fix it next year! Now just sit down, relax, take it easy and watch (more…)

Video: Ed Garner

VideoThis guy simply know how to ride it. Take a look by yourself at that such clean tricks, one by one. Also there are some difficult. But it is not important to know super hard combos. For me is better to ride every obstacle in clean easy style than in sketchy hard tricks. Most important is how you can enjoy your riding. I like simple style, chill out, clean tricks and no sketchy tricks. Is that hard? No, everyone can ride like (more…)

Asi no.6 info

asi 6ASI no.6 is behind us and through this article we bring you the first available information of this event. First we start by park wich looks more than promising. You can look at it below. It look like wood remake of Fast Fingers marble park. At this moment we know only the first 3 riders. The absolute winner is Nico Frank, the second place Angelow Ramon and third place takes Harald Schen. Surely you will bring the total order as soon as they occur. Now we have no choice but only to wait and wait for another (more…)

Video: Honzayk

VideoIf you missed my last video on SWAT youtube channel, doesn’t matter. I will give it to you here. It is definitely midnight because I was filming this in about 2:30 at the “morning”. Just some flatland tricks but I hope you will like it. I had no power for more difficult tricks. If you like it, let me know in comment section for example. Also recommend you to watch our SWAT youtube channel for more (more…)

Video: Honzayk

VideoI also can film some videos by the time. If you not subscribed at our fingerboard youtube channel, you should do it right now because there is a lot of activities now. These shots are from my grandma’s garden. No super hard tricks, just for fun and chill out, sunny weather and the ending of the holidays. Everyone is now at the school but I am going a little bit later. When my time comes I will definitely upload some similar video (more…)

Fingerboarding on Ladronka Festival 2011

ladronka festWe have awesome news for you. In Prague, there will be big festival of free time at 17th of September. You will meet here a lot of sport activities such as capoeira, florball, scooters, lacrosse, longboarding, skateboarding, rugby, voleyball and many many more. Also you can meet a lot of famous people. Whole thing start at the morning about 11 and ends at 9. Now talking about what can you meet there about fingerboarding. But here at the beginning, you must be there, it will be epic (more…)