Video: Mike & Adrian

VideoToday will Mike and his friend Adrian throw up some tricks at the terrace somewhere. In the America is always good weather so you can film every time you want. And if you are from the America, you probably own super awesome camera with ultra fish eye so you will definitely publish a lot of epic videos like this one. Tricks are clean, and on the high level as (more…)

Video: Thomas John

VideoAnother outdoor video where this rider will throw up some tricks and show us what can he do with a fingerboard. Nice edit and chill music makes this video pretty nice looking. Recommend to skip this text and simply watch this video. And if you don’t want to leave youtube alone, let’s play it again. I would like to publish more videos like this because I really like it, this style, tricks, everything, simply awesome, isn’t (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: End of summer montage

VideoSummer is slowly going to the end and many riders realise that they are going to school very soon so they created a small montage. Lot of tricks in middle difficulty. I like these videos because a lot of riders connect their best footage together and create one huge video. The result look really good and riders will show us that they can ride a fingerboard. Hope to see more videos like this by the time (more…)

Video: Nick Pearson

VideoSummer is going to the end and many of you are going back to school to learn even more stupid thing what you will not ever use in real life. But we have some more weeks to chill and Nick Pearson knows it. This video will add some more days of summer where will this rider show some tricks and I think he don’t like school like us – by the title of the video. But you can again ride game of skate in the lesson (more…)

Video: Ghetto rawness

VideoWe have summer here and many riders are searching for some outdoor spots outside. This video is from one of them. I don’t know where is this one located, probably at private garden or somewhere like that. Important part is that guys can fully enjoy every single landed trick. Especially in the summer when you have nothing to do. Just grab the camera, some friends and go fingerboard (more…)

Video: Figaro

VideoAs you all know, we usually have a name of the rider in the name of article but in this case I simply don’t know who is it. If you have any clue, please let us know for example in comment section. But! This rider can ride a fingerboard and he can ride it very well in very high level. Yea, he is riding in Flatface team and that is probably why he can ride as good as you will see in the video. Lot of difficult tricks, some obstacles, simply awesome (more…)

Video: Devin Coull

VideoYou own this famous obstacle or rail named Bike Rack? If yes, this rider can teach you some new tricks because he really can use it like a boss. Really nice ticks. It is not a difficult trick variations but not easiest tricks. In every way you can learn it very easy. And you don’t even need bike rack, you can use simple round rail to practise these tricks. Don’t waste time, watch this video and go (more…)

Video: Nico Frank

VideoClassic style. Nico Frank at the Harrics will throw up a lot of awesome tricks. Everything in maximal style with perfect camera and chill out music. In this video there is brand new box 3 reloaded what is older box 3 plus a low rail on the edge. Let’s imagine the same place as Harald has just at your home. I think you will everyday film some footage. Or if you want to visit harry, everything what you need is only be as good as Nico. Good (more…)

Video: Taylor Rosenbauer

VideoEveryone should know Taylor Rosenbauer and who don’t know him have a bad day because we have really luxury video from his hard drive. Video is assembled by the outdoor shots as well as with indoor fingerboarding. And what is the most important part of this piece? Taylor’s style is simply awesome. Every single trick is landed with 100% style. And this is not just some basic tricks. But wait, this is only a trailer, big one will come (more…)

Video: Alex Moores

VideoEverybody know it, by the time, there are problems with youtube and we need to take vimeo to the scene. Yep, today’s video is on the video due to problems with youtube. Really chilled thing with Alex Moores, who will dictate a few tricks in nice style. Video is very nice edited. Not very difficult tricks, just a basics but it does not matter when you know how to film. Take a look by (more…)

Video: EFC 2011

VideoWe have a very nice video from Kerry Williams who visited us from United Kingdom at the EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011. At the beginning of the video we have some outdoor spots riding and some Stalin fingerboarding and after that it is just only EFC and a lot of fingerboarding. Also there will be bigger video from us, we are working on it. Now just hit the play button like a boss (more…)


HolidaysSite will not be updated due my (Honzayk) absence for a week. I’m going on a week holidays to Slovakia. After returning I will start to fill up website with latest news from the world of fingerboarding. The same applies to our facebook, where will also nothing new appears. So I wish you will enjoy holidays as good as possible and film some new tricks from unusual destinations. If you film something interesting, please notice (more…)