Video: John Kontra

VideoWho don’t wanna have videos edited by Taylor Rosenbauer? Zhis is how it will look like because Taylor is simply king at this video editing, he knows how to do that. Todays video is about John Kontra and he can ride in big style and land difficult tricks as we can look. Little bit shorter but it counts and you should take a look at it because it is very nice (more…)

Video: Harald Schn

VideoSometimes we got videos even from ramps creating and video cutting Harald Schon who filmed a very nice one this time. Because we have summer he decided to go searching for outdoor near nature spots outside. Yes, and it is done successfully. Everything packed to nice package with music which is like created for this video. Take a look by yourself (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Mike Schneider

VideoMike Schneider can also film some tricks in the summer. Today we got little bit different video. Main difference is in the video edit. Tricks are very good and mike can land them like a boss. Yes, he can be a +Blackriver-Ramps+ tem rider because he can simply land near every fingerboard trick. And also we can see that everybody change wood obstacles to marble obstacles because it is simply better surface for (more…)

Video: EFC part 1

VideoWe have first watchable video directly from Harry, who seized his equipment and made ??the whole EFC 2011. Now we can remind you what happened to the EFC a little. A lot of difficult tricks, especially from ASI Berlin Team riders but sometimes appears aome of the visitors, who often rides comparably well as members of professional teams, which is interesting. This is the first part, so hopefully that will soon appear any second part second. Anyway, it’s very nice recorded video and Harry definitely did his (more…)

Video: Jay Linehan

VideoIf you missed an awesome Fast Fingers 14 concrete park for example on EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011 where was this park fully available for everyone, don’t worry, we have Jay Linehan in this video and also this perfect concrete park too. We will take a short trip around each spot of this park and taste whole fingerboarding on it. Everybody will definitely enjoy riding on this nice park (more…)

Photo: Taboard

fotoTaboard fingerboard contest is one of the smallest contests. Often it is true that less is more in this case twice. The event had done perfectly. We have compiled a great marble park with the addition of older +Blackriver-Ramps+ park, which lent sponsor of the event – Swat Distribution. The weather came out perfectly and we can race all day happily and enjoy the fun. We can even meet a riders from Austria. One of them also won whole contest. Congratulations and hope we will (more…)

EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011 – report

efc 2011Fingerboard EFC European Cup 2011 is successfully behind us and we bring a short report of the event to you. The course and organization of the race was organized very smoothly, everything goes swiftly and so well, without problems. How it all day but ran from the very beginning? With two days of preparation this year, organizers have left nothing to crash, and started the registration for riders in the race itself since 9 am. Shortly after starting 120 riders (more…)

Fingerboard garden

FotoWe came to the office and found a mail from Gabriela Palijov who sent us some photos of her home made park. This park is made of cardboard about and is covered with colored paper. Certainly, if you dont want to invest a few thousand in obstacles or all reptiles, you can produce a similar park too. It’s not difficult, you just lay out the location of obstacles and elements of the park, which is then built. The best part is that you can build the park exactly how you want. It’s all up to (more…)

+BRR+ on tour

BRR tour+Blackriver-Ramps+ have no rest and in july is off on Belux tour. Specifically, you can meet Harry, Boris, Oli and Jay and of course some of those parks that will be fully available for everyone who’s stopped and want to ride. I think we also meet some other riders from +BRR+ team. Tour will be ten days long and I am sure that will appear in a summary video on the internet, so we definitely look forward to. In the future, hopefully a similar tour will meet Czech or (more…)

Video: Thomas Hansen

VideoAgain and again we watch video which are not only about fingerboarding but also about main editing and an idea. But this video can fulfill it all. Thomas gain his ticket to hell. Video looks like from some kind of horror but don’t worry, he is alive. Lots of luxury tricks in old school style but also some modern pieces. What more? Take a look by yourself (more…)