EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011 – update

efc 2011The official EFC European Fingerboard Cup photos and results are now available. Photos also can be found on the facebook page. Of course we want to thank all the riders and sponsors. We hope you enjoyed the whole event and that you have used it to maximum. See you again at next year’s EFC – European Fingerboard Cup 2012. Report from the event will appear here (more…)

Video: Goncalo ”Loz” Lopes

VideoAs we are used to watch some kind of video from harrics, well we have another one here. Today we will watch how Goncalo Lopes can ride a fingerboard. Classically at the marble park and a lot of obstacle are landed a lots of interesting tricks in old school. Also there is some difficult trick sometimes. This guy likes to combine a lot of trick to one combo so you must watch this video (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

EFC trophies for winners

We have nice trophies for first 3 winners of this years EFC European Fingerboard Cup tomorrow. Therefore, if you feel to win this year, yo will take home the prize money but also a very nice cup. Throughout the event you can happily ride the brand new Fast Fingers 14 park wich is also used to be our competition one. This park is very unique, because it offers a lot of new choices due tu new surface. If you want to know what Iam talking about go visit us (more…)

Video: EFC 2011 invitation video

VideoIn a few days we have EFC 2011 so we have a video invitation to this event. And what you can begin to look forward to? Especially on a brand new park built for Fast Fingers 14, which will be available for riding along with a lot of other parks. You will meet countless famous drivers and teams. So if you’re lucky and win whole vevent you will take home prize money. Definitely worth to ride, meet new people and maybe you take some of prices from many sponsors, which every year (more…)

Skate competiton in Salesian center – report

skate racesRaces were held on the 4th June, we wrote recently. Today you can read small report from event organizers and look at some photos and learn how it all went. We only hope that the participants enjoyed the event and will be repeated again next year or even earlier. Among the sponsors events include Swat Distribution Fingerboarding.cz, Dakine, Quiksilver, Lib Technologies and skateshop Andel. We hope you enjoyed the event and congratulations to the (more…)

Video: Chris Daniels

VideoAs we all know, Chris is a master to very hard tricks because he can land them all pretty well and in clean style. Today we have very similar video to his style because there are as usual very hard tricks. But you know what? Even you can know how to ride like him. Everything what you need is only to practise hard. Try to land that tricks like in the video and when you can, well, film it (more…)

Video: EFC 2011

videoWhat would it bewithout been well-documented? EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011 in the video. Check out the trailer, which traditionally appeared just before the event itself. If you missed the event, which you made a mistake, so we hope that next year we’ll see you in the action. You will not regret it when you see all the parks in one room ready for wheels of your fingerboard. Certainly also meet some of those familiar faces for example +BRR+ and ASI Berlin (more…)

Foto: EFC 2011

fotoEFC European Fingerboard Cup is one of the largest annual events of the fingerboard scene, bringing together all riders, who love fingerboarding and have anything to do with it. As every year, there were stars from +Blackriver-Ramps+ team, which competed with other riders together. As near every year, foreign participants took all prices home. Therefore we hope that one day will local riders riders beat +BRR+ and other teams and will win all prices for our (more…)

Results of EFC tickets and BRR Flashback video competition

EFCToday the competition for some EFC European Fingerboard Cup free tickets plus +Blackriver-Ramps+ Flashback video ends. If you missed this competition you suck and dont gain free tickets and the video. From many right questions we draw three of you. All winners please take your price in the enter to the Community Center Ldv ond this years EFC European Fingerboard Cup. We hope you will enjoy (more…)

Preview: SNS Snobstyle GX Engraved

SnobstyleToday, we got a few pictures of the new improved edition of the Snobstyle GX decks. They look really fantastic. In addition, they have engraved SNS logo on the bottom layer. So, it is engraved edition. To make matters worse, the shape and dimension are edited to accommodate the needs of riders. The board has enjoyed improvements in particular dimensions. It’s really hilarious board and I am personally looking forward to get one in my hand. This edition (more…)

Video: Elias Assmuth

VideoElias Assmuth at the Harric’s. Today’s video again by Harry focused on his perfect street marble park. Elias Assmuth will test this park. There are a lot of tricks on interesting radius marble thing probably stolen somewhere from the streets. Looks pretty awesome. Tricks as usual in highest possible style and also maximal clean. But there are some sketchy tricks at the ending of the video. Some impossible maybe? Watch it (more…)

Video: Battle at the Harrics 2

Video What we have here? Big montage of best parts from Berlin. What was there? Battle at the Harrics 2! As we all know it is game of skate where you are collecting letters from skate word. This contest have pretty hard rules which must everyone hang on. Timo Kranz will punish you if not. But this contest is only for invited riders so you must earn an email from Timo to be invited first. Take a look if you want know how it looks like (more…)