Video: Session at the Harric’s 7

VideoAnother video from Harald Schon who also were on the Fast Fingers 14. As usual. Street marble park, very well lighted and edited video. Everything with good music as a background. Lot of tricks but sometimes there is an easier tricks for us, normal riders. Just take a look by yourself on what can Dave, Nolly, Fatman and Harry can land on what obstacles (more…)

Skate races in Salesian center for youths

skate zvodyWe would like you to invite into Salesian center for youths, where you can challenge your mates in skateboarding at 4th of June. Whole event will start at 10:00 at the morning and skateboard contest will start at about eleven and half. As we are all used to this event will have many parts to compete in. You can challenge in streetstyle, best trick or ollie contest. All contestants will be divided in two difficulty groups. You can try to win some prizes from sponsors: Swat skates, (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Jakub Hofhanzl

VideoToday we got new video from Jakub Hofhanzl aka new team rider. You can meet this guy probably with camera and a fingerboard in his hands. As we can see in the video, most shots are from local skatepark where is pretty good riding by the way. Also we will look at his private fingerpark at home which is also pretty nice. What to say more? Havy can simply ride a fingerboard, that is why he is team rider (more…)

Fast Fingers 14 results

FF14As most of you surely know, yesterday was that day when everyone want to be on one place. That one place is right in +BRR+ headquaters. Those of you who visited taht magic place, certainly did not regret their journey. You can saw near every park, including new parks created specially for this occasion, but especially for every rider who visited this event. How things turn out as you can deduce the order. Photos and videos will hopefully follow in the future and will be (more…)

Hand made fingerboard

Foto Today we found a very interesting mail with awesome phoros. This is a photo of the fingerboard, which is completely hand carved from wood, in this case only a piece of the bar. It seems almost unbelievable how exactly the final product of successful. We wonder how is riding board like this? He looks amazingly well! How long can take to create deck like this? A lot of hours and strong nerves i think. We send a small reward to the autor of this awesome deck and hope he will like (more…)

Video: Fatman

VideoI see this guy at first in my life but he reminds me our redactor, dr.speak. Style is a little bit easier but he can land a lot of tricks with easiest tricks as you will see. Not everyone can land easiest tricks in style like this guy. Everyone want to combine as much tricks as possible but on many time it is not very good. That is why someone should to learn from this guy (more…)

Registrations to Fast Fingers 14

FF14For those, who tried to register into Fast Fingers 14, read more. There is serious problem with registrations system. It looks like there is nonspecified misstake or error and this problem causes massive outages of registrations. You need to send registrations to the system until you see confirmation message from the system. It looks like registration system is overheated. You’d better wait to the night than try to register. If you are about to take a trip to FF 14 than good luck (more…)

Video: Chris Daniels

VideoEverybody know that this rider can create pretty awesome video because he is simply good. Also, Chris can ride like no one in the world, think about new combinations and then he try to land them. Tricks like these cannot be seen in the normal world, only in his videos. He only need one box to land his best. You can film video only with one obstacle. He is simply the one of best riders in the world (more…)

Video: Ramon Angelow

VideoFlatface just invited a new team rider to the family and who is that guy? Ramon Angelow also a +Blackriver-Ramps+ team rider will ride a fingerboard for Flatface till now. This is his welcome video to the team. We all know him like a punk man and funny guy with a lot of fantastic tricks. Everything is edited by Harry so it is pretty nice video. Everything what you need right now is only to hit the play button (more…)

Fast Fingers 14

FF14We have notification about upcoming Fast Fingers here! Traditionally in Schwarzenbach. Fast Fingers 14 is here and the whole event will start at 28th of May. As we are used to, there will be many parks for free riding and of course brand new, never published park specially created for this event and this park will be available at the EFC 2011 too. This will be huge event and all fingerboarder need to be there to see world progress in fingerboarding. More information is available at the official (more…)