Video: Mike, Joel and Harry

VideoIf you are getting bored from all that really fantastic +Blackriver-Ramps+ parks at Mike’s home, you have only one choice. Build your own park. This monster is created only from rails, marble walls and manual boxes. We can see Mike, Joel and traditionally Harry but behind the camera. Also he will show us some tricks. Lot of tricks in middle difficulty with nice music. You must watch this (more…)

Competition! EFC tickets and +BRR+ videos!

EFC We have a classic contest for three tickets to EFC 2011 and three DVD videos +Blackriver-Ramps+ called Flashback. When answering the questions correctly, not only that you get free access to the EFC in 2011, but you also earn the Flashback video as a bonus. This video contains a montage of the best visiting the of +BRR+ team, this means that on the video there are famous stars and famous places, and events like the ISPO, Fast Fingers and EFC! On the (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Mike Schneider

VideoAfter a big silence from Mike we have another video from himself. And again he will show us that he can simply ride a fingerboard. Really luxury stuff from Mike Schneider. Today we are going to see what kind of tricks can by landed on the obstacle like this. Lot of tricks traditionally in perfect style. Let’s try some and then land it in your videos or on competitions. Good luck and now watch it (more…)

EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2011

efc 2011 Here we go! Support the growing fingerboard community and take a part of this European fingerboard championship event. You can look forward to meet all famous fingerboard riders like Timo Kranz, ASI Berlin Team, Elias Assmuth, +Blackriver – Ramps+ fingerboard team or Martin Winkler. Take a ride on brand new Fast Fingers 14 World Championship +Blackriver-Ramps+ park or choose from many other available. All informations are available on the EFC European Fingerboard (more…)