Battle at the Harrics II – results

BATHAs we all know, recently took second annual Battle at the Harrics. At this event, which was run in the heart of Berlin, challenge 64 riders from around the world each other. Went with the classic game of skate on a marble board as we know it from EFC or videos. The rules are strict and not much room for error. As you can see in the final battle, in the video below. You can also look at the complete results of the event. I suggest then click on “full size”, and watch in a luxurious (more…)

Video: Nico Frank

VideoThis guy will serve his incredible clean 360 flips on many variations plus some other tricks in even better style as usual from Nico. If you like his street style you definitely need to watch this stuff. In the final is this video really good because Nico is good rider with knowledge of near every trick. We hope to see more videos from Nico Frank becuase everyone love his riding and his super clean style too (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Battle at the Harrics II

BATHBattle at the Harrics is right now in the end of fingerboarding and challenging each other. Harrics is battle in game of skate like Berrics in USA. We have our team rider Kesson there and hope to see good position. 64 riders from all around the world come to Berlin to try become the master of game of skate and take a lot of money by prize. Timo Kranz is main person of this event and he is also main judge. You must land the trick in the area between two lines. If not, you take a letter (more…)

Video: Ramon Angelow

VideoRamon Angelow will show us some his very favorite tricks in today’s video. And these guys really play with lighting because it is super effective to light only a hand with a fingerboard and actual obstacle which rider is riding on. It looks really awesome to me. But! How it is to ride a fingerboard in complete dark environment? It must be really difficult. But Ramon can do that like a boss! Let’s watch and you will see what I am talking about (more…)

Video: Danny Friedrich

VideoToday we got some better video as usual. If you connect awesome filming, luxury tricks, nice editing and listenable music you will gain something very similar to this piece I think. As a bonus we got really but really clean tricks and that we cannot watch every day. That is why you need to play this piece in full screen and even more time than once. Hope to see more videos like this (more…)

Video: Daniel Zeise

VideoToday we will take a look at Daniel Zeise and his skills in the rhythm of the Beatles. This guy is riding a fingerboard in awesome style. Tricks are landed like nothing happened. All Daniel need is small box, some homemade obstacles and perfect video is ready to upload. And one thing. He is riding Winkler Wheels and Cattapult too. I think, we will see him much more. Hope you like this video (more…)