Video: Max Bge

VideoWe got another video from Harald Schn and today in cooperation with Max Bge. I see this guy at the first time and I think, I am not only one. But who cares? We can fix this today. Max Bge will show us his skills in this video. At the first sight we can see that he likes to land tricks in perfect style. Easy tricks are in some way better choice than hard tricks. Watch it and you will see what I am talking about (more…)

Video: Steil Am Steig #4

VideoReally, really, really luxury video today. There is near complete +Blackriver-Ramps+ team. These tricks are simply unbelieveable. Guys can land everything as you will see, I don’t understand it how clean tricks can be. You will need to watch this video at least 3 times in a round. Awesome tricks, perfect music and a lot of good riders in one video. Just watch it and you will see.


EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Germany session

VideoPetr Hulek, Honza Karsch and Kesson took a trip into Germany, into +Blackriver-Ramps+ headquarters for some fingerboarding. The first combo will tell you how good is this video. Everyone land at least one awesome trick so we can say, yes, they can ride a fingerboard. What more to say? Luxury piece from Czech guys, take a look by yourself (more…)

Video: ISPO 2011

VideoAs we are used to watch every year video from ISPO, this one is from 2011. There was of course +Blackriver-Ramps+ tent with a lot of riders and parks. Traditionally in Munich. Video will show us the best parts from this event. Whole event was 3 day long so we can watch only the most epic parts from all these 3 days. A lot of trick combinations, nollies, heelflips, simply +brr+ team. Watch it and you will see (more…)

Video: Kesson

VideoKesson filmed little video and again will tell us one thing. He can land a lot of different tricks in very nice style and on many obstacles. And yes, there are only few obstacles in the video. Everything what you need is only some pieces of marble for fingerboarding. No one need to buy expensive obstacles. In short, pretty nice home fingerboard video. Look by yourself and you will see that I am right (more…)

Video: Isak Karlsson

VideoWe saw this guy some time back and not only on youtube but maybe on some competitions too? His style is simply awesome. For example that nollie milion flip at 0:38? One thing is bad at this video. Tricks are out of focus, out of frame of filming and that is not good because we cannot see what tricks are landed. But one think I know for sure. Isak can ride a fingerboard like a boss (more…)

Video: Honza Karsch

VideoNext piece from team videos is from Honza Karsch. All is in traditionally Honza’s style. Light up the scene, some obstacles and a lot of tricks in maximal style. As we can see, heelflips are no problem. But we want to see some pop shoveits? Maybe next time. Nice music in the background and we all hope to see even more videos from this guy because he can ride a fingerboard very well (more…)

Video: Thomas John

Video We got pretty good video from the youtube where is the main rider Thomas John. I think I am not only one who heard this name first time. It is really good that we have more and more new riders which can challenge world best riders and this guy can. Also this video is pretty good because it have a really good editing and each shots. Tricks are of course something more. Finally, we have good video here, hit the play button and you will see.