Video: Ramon Angelow

VideoI don’t need to introduce this guy to you because I hope, everyone know him. Ramon Angelow is +Blackriver-Ramps+ team rider. Even from the beginning of the video will show us I think 540 shoveit? This trick is pretty sick. It is all about to give big rotation to the deck which will rotate a 540 around its shortest axis similar to 360 flip but without kickflip and harder. This need a big piece of practise if you want to manage it. Good luck and now please watch this video (more…)

Video: Jeldo Ulpts

VideoJeldo Ulpts is very fresh rider of +Blackriver-Ramps+ and Flatface team. Today he will show us some technical and stylish tricks. Tricks in this video is in really high performance group to me. And if someone from you think that he riders similar, let’s play this video again. In short, this video will define some new tricks some new combos, really good stuff from Jeldo Ulpts (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Jakub Hofhanzl

Video We got short video from team rider of Snobstyle Fingerboards team Jakub Hofhanzl. As we all know, this guy really likes to photo everything but fingerboarding is number one for him. In this video we can watch Jakub’s progress in the fingerboarding. I think that switch or nollie stance is no problem for Jakub, what you think? Havy really loves to give letter to every game of skate opponent by his heelflips. Let’s take a look by yourself (more…)

Video: Louvre, Melbourne, Box

VideoLet’s watch three videos in the line. First one from Paris, where was small meet up of local riders plus also a lot of landed tricks. Second one is from melbourne. Little sesh with a couple of guys – meetup. Nice tricks, as usual. Need to notice that if some people organize some stuff like that, let’s join that because it is always fun! And last one if from Jacob Cederlund which can land tricks like a boss, am I right? Let’s take a look by yourself (more…)

Birthday cake

cake Today to get an interesting email. Its content has been even more interesting. On the photo (see below) is a small cake in the shape of fingerpark definitely for a fingerboarder, which celebrated its 10 years! Such a cake would definitely tasted all of us. So congratulations and wish you a happy birthday and especially a lot of success in fingerboarding and lots of new tricks. Unfortunately, email does not state the name and we hope that you will be (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mndez

VideoRemember old video where this rider tests a new Bollie deck? The same guy is now riding for +Blackriver-Ramps+ team. Awesome style and clean tricks on every obstacle, that is why he rides for +brr+. You only need to watch this video to believe. What you need to be a part of +brr+? Not much. Just ride a fingerboard just like this guy and you will definitely be a part of +brr+ in the future (more…)

Video: Big mini in NY

VideoGood filming from big mini by +Blackriver-Ramps+ today. If you have mini ramp at home you can simply learn some new moves and new tricks on it. Lot of bigspins little bit in the air close to the coping, it is some kind of automatic trick if you don’t know what to land in the ride. Also some 360 flips and other stuff usually in the mini. In short classic video. Lot of fun, now just watch it and you will see what I am saying (more…)