Video: Timo Kranz

VideoTimo Kranz is the king of old school riding and of mini ramp. It is near unbelieveable how he can land that sick tricks. Like skateboarding but with fingers, that style he has. We all can learn from Timo because he simply can ride a fingerboard of course. Grabs in the are super effective, you can try it at home in the mini or some radius. Yep, good video, you should not miss it (more…)

Video: Daniel Durku

VideoDaniel Durku knows how to ride a fingerboard. He will proof it in this video with a full strength. He combines a lot of tricks into manual combinations that looks pretty nice and also can be seen in a lot of different videos. Also there are some very technical tricks and variations on higher level. Everything filmed and uploaded to youtube. And that is how to do it, film everything (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Flatface Christmas Montage

VideoMerry Christmas by Flatface team by head of Mike Schneider and many more fingerboarders from the team. Really cool montage full of tricks and good riders. You simply must watch this to the end than watch it again. So, hope to you found everything what you want to find under the christmas tree and let’s start the new year with successfully landed trick (more…)

Video: Joaquin Mndez

VideoIf you are thinking about buying the Bollie deck, this video will tell you why. Joaquin Mndez prepared this fingerboard video for you to tell how it is to ride an Bollie deck. As we can see, this deck has simply no concave. Can you imagine riding on it? We thing, it should be pretty awesome, something new in the place. Now just hit the button and watch. Bollie can be really good deck and it is possible to ride it (more…)

Video: Johannes Kohl

VideoYou don’t know this rider and if you know him, it is a plus for you. Johannes Kohl makes pretty good videos. Sometimes we have here something new and this post is the one of that new things. He can simply ride a fingerboard. Lot of luxury tricks and on home-made park so that is pretty cool, isn’t it? You don’t need every +Blackriver-Ramps+ obstacle to be good rider ad we can see (more…)

Review: SnobStyle GX

snsWe recently got hands on the new GX SnobStyle series. Today we look at it from near and for all the details. If you order this new product, you will not regret it. Comes to you in a nice box with tape – Propaganda response tape. There is a choice of two colors and four designs. Of course, the boards are available in complete versions with propaganda trucks. GX series from the previous version offers only a concave shape, which we considered an advantage, because they focused only on the (more…)

Photo: Nicholas race

photoThe Nicholas is customary to go somewhere for presents, into the streets, stalls in the square to the punch or just outside. But we, in collaboration with Horsefeathers create a tiny contest. The race was intended primarily for members of the Luzanky Club, who have trained hard all year and learn new tricks and perfecting new ones what they already have in fingers. The event had the opportunity to prove themselves and to try how it feels to drive a real race. Many of them have (more…)

St. Nicholas race – report

mikulsk zvodAs we noticed whole week ago, there was interesting race in the middle of Brno city right on St. Nicholas holiday. Horsefeathers shop offers quite nice place to organize fingerboard races and that is why we did it. Event was mainly for non-sponsored riders and at first only for members of Fingerboard Club Lunky. Event was organized only for beginners. Right at the moment when we prepared main park, riders start to test every single obstacle on it, just to prepare for (more…)

Video: SNS GX reklama

SNS:GXWe have here an interesting advertisement from Hulca and his video cutting skills. Snobstyle Fingerboards introduce brand new GX deck and that is why he created this awesome video. Decks are looking good and hope to see a lot of designs and color variations. They are available on Swat shop also in complete setup with Kim’s wide trucks and random wheels (more…)