St. Nicholas race

mikulsk zvodNext week, on the Sunday 5th will be interesting fingerboard race launched. St. Nicholas race in the fingerboard club Luzanky in Brno city. Whole event is only for amateur riders. Everything will start after lunch and every rider will get some promo pack with stickers and stuff like that. Also winners will get prizes from sponsors: Swat Skates, Snobstyle, and Horesefeathers shop, where also is whole event held. If you are from Brno, just pack your fingerboards and come see us (more…)

Video: Martin Winkler

VideoFlashback into 2009 with Martin Winkler. He will show us some fingerboarding from this year. Martin is number one in mini ramp and you can learn from him today. Tricks are luxury. On or even up to coping. These tricks are super sick and it will takes hours to learn them. But when you will land them on some competition, you will gain a lot of points (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Cattapult Crew

VideoNow you can take a look at fingerboarding of some riders: Bene Mller, Daniel Zeise, Fabio Schaffer, Nico Frank, Basti Schwab, Livio, Tom Seidler, Moe Wchter in nice shop called Cattapult. This spot is in this local shop. Lot of interesting tricks for example nollie 360 shoveit to tailslide? Recommend to watch this stuff (more…)

Video: Isak Karlsson

VideoThis video is simply awesome. Lot of tricks but in perfect, clean and never seen style. And very well filmed. Music is also good and like created for this video. In short, fantastic stuff, you need to watch this and learn how to do that. But who can land ss 360 flip to manual kickflip to nose manual no heel out? Really nice stuff from Isak Karlsson.


Video: Pictures

VideoToday’s video have pretty interesting name and that is for sure something bigger than usual. And yes, you are right, this video is good. Some people from France met to film some footage. Lot of very hard trick with heel rotations and interesting trick variations into grind, slide, as usual. Lot of fingerboarding in 9 minutes and you simply need to watch it. Video is available below so hit the button (more…)

Video: Prague session

VideoWe met again after short break before long and cold winter to have some fingerboarding outside. Hul?a, Honzayk, Angel and Honza Karsch challenged well known outdoor spot at Vyehrad – Prague. This bowl offers a lot of fingerboarding and a big place for game of skate due to its perfect surface for fingerboarding. Lunch in KFC, sunny weather and a lot of tricks. Watch these videos and you will see what I am talking about (more…)