Video: Alexis Milant

VideoEverybody remember that nice video with black background and very thematic filming from this guy. Yep, that video is really famous. And today we got another one. New, better, bigger video is just ready for you. When you will press play, you will know what I am talking about because its the very same style. Sounds good isnt it? Lets watch (more…)

Review: Propaganda Kim’s trucks

Kims I have brand new Propaganda Industries trucks on my deck right now. Kim’s trucks are in the middle called the Mid-End category. We have a choice of 6 colors for beautiful price. To make matters worse, so for the same price get too golden Propaganda Industries screws (8x) and nuts (4x), which is really worth. You do not have to worry that the trucks did not fit on your deck because it meets all latest standarts. In addition, your board dont need to have a hole for kingpin. Color is (more…)