ASI no.5

ASIWe got some information about upcoming ASI Berlin contest. This year’s 5th event will be held of course in heart of Berlin at 18.9. Everything starts at 13 o’clock. If you pay 8 euros for ticket, you can fully enjoy this event and even try to win prize money – 500 euro. And after this contest, you can dance at the massive after party. If you are going to visit Berlin, you simply need to enjoy all aspects of the contest after party included. Watch the video from last year’s contest (more…)

Taboard fingerboard contest – Report

TaboardEverything was planet on 31.7. in historical city Tbor. Metal fence doors to MP7 club get opened in about 12 o’clock. Lot of guys arriver, for example from Olomouc, Liberec, Praha, ?. Bud?jovice and from other bigger or smaller cities all around the republic. We were really surprised when arrived some guys from Austria in head with Makrus Schmidinger. Everyone could buy some refreshing cocktails or other iced drinks which were pretty used to avoid some hurting from the sun. At the 13 o’clock were 26 riders on the main paper and event was ready to start. Judges were from and plus one guy from Taboard crew. We started the contest with massive support of spectators. Every rider could show us his best tricks in two rounds. 10 of them goes to the semifinals. Than we chose 5 of them to final game of skate. Not a big surprise for us when Makrus won the contest. Tricks like nollie heelflip o switch 360 kickflip was matter of course. Hope to see you next year. Thanks for support is going to Swat Skates,, guys from MP7 and

Photos by Jakub ‘Havy’ Hofhanzl.

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Review: New Harrier

Harriera In oticed not long time ago that i have one unique Harrier ram for a test. The time is fulfilled, and now we have small review. You can now read in peace and see great photos, arranged by Jakub ‘havy’ Hofhanzl. So let’s see. The first time I got an obstacle in your hand it was quite a small affair. It measures approximately 14 cm in length, 6,5 wide and high is something about four inches. The radius and the back sidehave engrained sample simulating the structure of a brick wall, which I was quite (more…)