Taboard fingerboard contest

taboardWe have some information about upcoming event called Taboard Fingerboard Contest supported by Swat Skates,, Snobstyle Fingerboards, Propaganda Industries and Taboard. It is all about fingerboarding. Contest will be launched in about two weeks in very nice city called Tabor. 31.7. in the local club MP7. Obstacles and parks will be available there. You can listen for DJ’s and try to win some prizes. If you will pay 50 czech krowns you can challenge other riders (more…)

Photo: EFC 2010

photoYou can recall everything again, because we have the photos for the EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2010. The event took place according to plans and everyone was satisfied. The winners took away valuable prizes from sponsors and I am sure that even the visitors do not leave empty-handed. Usually happens that sponsored riders like throwing prices into the audience, where they eagerly await everything useable. Imagine decks and wheels flying through the hall to the (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

European Fingerboard Cup 2010 – results

efc 2010 It is here! We got full result list of first 25 riders of EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2010, the biggest races in the Czech Republic. From my view I must say one thing. It was awesome. We would like to thank you for participation and enjoying riding of Fast Fingers 13 +Blackriver-Ramps+ fingerboard park and another thank is going for organizers. Now we can look forward to 2011 because it will be even bigger and better. Now you can take a look at photos here or fing you in the result (more…)