European Fingerboard Cup 2010 – report

efc 2010Saturday became fingerboardovm feast for us all. Most fingerboardovch enthusiasts met at the community center Ladvi the occasion of the European Cup 2010 fingerboard, as always with international participation. Those who miss this event, lost a lot. It all broke out in 12 hours, which has started selling the first tickets. All riders wrapped with tape on hand can ride several parks, I think the 13. One of them was park, which went to the World Cup and became just the (more…)

EFC tickets competition

EFC On facebook we have interestin competition. You can win EFC European Fingerboard Cup tickets. Everything what you need to do is go to our facebook page, find right answer to the competition question and send it to us. We have 5 tickets here ready for 5 winners. Very easy, isnt it? We change question every day sou you have 5 tries to win. All you need is be online on the facebook and check your page where you (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: EFC 2010

videoQuality montage of the event in these videos. Peek behind the scenes throughout the event and recall key moments. Fits wide range well ridden tricks, thats why you need to watch this video to the end. What is better than watching the video? To enjoy this event by yourself. But this is no problem because the EFC European Fingerboard Cup is one of the actions that are repeated every year. Next year it will even more bigger and we hope we will see you (more…)