Video: Nestle

videoNestle playground were nice event with lots of fun with Nesquik chocolate balls everywhere. In the video you can see how our place look like and what was happening around. Hopefully, a similar event will still take place, because children are everywhere and they will certainly appreciate such actions. For the entire day were always meeting children who enthusiastically went through all the posts and tried all sorts of tasks. For rewards did not leave empty-handed, and everyone was happy (more…)

() Fast Fingers 13 report

FF13Every fingerboarder notice one thing which happened in the BRR headquarters – Schwarzenbach an der Saale. Yes, world championship in fingerboarding, fast fingers 13. We published some info before and now you have a chance to read huge report from member of team which has that opportunity to be a part of judges. Angel wrote small report from the event where was Hul?a too. Whole event has a really good atmosphere and a lot of landed tricks (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Video: Fast Fingers 13 park

Video Finally it’s here, revealing the park for the 13th World fingerboard Championship Fast Fingers. It is actually a combination G8 park that you could see the Rendezvous 8, and one more yet unpublished park. Tho whole thing will be ready on tis years EFC sou everyone ant taste it. Nic Herzog will show us the best parts of this amazing monster. Fast Fingers 13 is coming this Saturday, 22/05 and who go there will experience a really great race with lots of (more…) on Nestl event for kids are cooperating on part of Nestl playground for kids. This part is dedicated to fingerboarding, where you can try what is it. This event will stop in important cities of Czech Republic and even you can come to play and win some prizes from Nestl. You can meet Swat/ team and borrow the fingerboard for some tricks on the prepared obstacles ready for your riding. Below is the list of places where you can meet us. Pack you fingerboard and (more…)

Photo: Nestle

fotoWe were at event called Nestle playground which consisted of passing major shopping centers and bringing children to try out a series of games. One of them was also fingerboarding, where our team was ready. Many children saw fingerboard first time, so they only try for fun. There were also riders who know what to do and came to just ride a couple of obstacles that we have brought with us. Although the photos are modest but at least you can see how the action looked (more…)

Video: Battle at the Harrics finals

Video After long time of silence, because there are no interesting news, we have some old stuff for you. It is final rider of Battle at the Harrics between Dimitri Schlotthaue and Jeldo Ulpts. Now in even better quality than ever before. At the first time it looks like Jeldo is going to win but than Dimitri landed sooooooooooo much difficult tricks than Jeldo simply cannot land. You can even watch that huge atmosphere from the contest. It was really awesome. Hope to be there next year (more…)

Video: FlatFace Rendezvous sound time

VideoWe got another video some time back here but today we got new one in better quality and with all key moments of the contest. You can take a look around whole event in this video. Lot of difficult tricks are landed. Let’s focus on second minute of the video where someone landed hospital flip or impossible but that small guy? Lol. He don’t take a very good riding I think. In short, this video is pretty good and you definitely go watch it. Than go fingerboarding! Land every trick from (more…)