Video: FlatFace Rendezvous 8

VideoWe have nice video today from FlatFace Rendezvous no. 8. Whole event was launched at 24th of April so 3 days back in the past. Final battle in this video is game of skate between three riders. Yes, little bit bad quality but important parts are very well visible so don’t worry. Really easy tricks at the beginning for example fakie bs flip? Someone didn’t land it. But than ss varhell is better. What else to say? Sit down, click it and watch it to the end. David definitely deserve to win (more…)

Video: Turntable park

Video Todays video is something unusual. See Park, some tricks, some riders simply everything that belongs to fingerboarboard video. One thing is different though. It is a rotating park. Definitely a great idea, wich is definitely a lot of fun to ride it. It is just a pity that the park is slightly fussy, as is also seen in the video, often the drivers jam on obstacles that are placed either wrong or too close, there is simply too little space for full travel. However, it may meet someone and you can ride quite calmly. A few (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

FastFingers 13

FF13Yes, you are right. Every year’s world championship is knocking on the doors. This time 13th event where all world best riders will come together to headquarters of +Blackriver-Ramps+ Schwarzenbach in Germany. Event will be launched at 22th of May and you must be there! Also brand new park will be created and after the FF 13, you can taste it on the EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2010. Now just take a look at the poster, where is Timo Kranz aka winner of the Fast (more…)

Video: ISPO 2010

VideoWhat to imagine when we say ISPO? It is an international fair of expert sport equipment and fashion on very modern exhibition grounds in Munich. Whole event is from 7 to 10th of February 2010 and +Blackriver-Ramps+ team was there with their tent. Now you can take a look at all that stuff and fingerboarding from this event. There was kickflip kontest with interesting rules. This event is every year so if you want to meet +brr+ you simply must be there next year (more…)

FlatFace Rendezvous no.8

fbrermagazineFlatFace Rendezvous no.8 is coming to the place! This time held in Andover on 24th of April. You can meet +Blackriver-Ramps+ and the FlatFace team, luxury riding and fantastic tombola. Also, brand new fingerboard park is build right for this event, and you can enjoy some new shapes and new stuff. New obstacles and new stuff. This park is really nice and variable. If you go there, you can enjoy all its obstacles and choices of riding. Pack your stuff and get ready for great event (more…)

EFC tickets competition with Fingerboarder Magazine

fbrermagazineFingerboarder Magazine vol.2 give you chance to win free tickets for this years EFC European Fingerboard Cup in pague. If you want to win free tickets you only need to buy fingerboarder magazine where you will find all necessary information. Also I am sure there will be tons of interesting articles and topics about news in fingerboarding and all stuff around it. In short, everyone should have at least one copy of this amazing (more…)

Battle at the Harrics: complete results

Harrics Finally, the internet emerged a clear and most complete results of the Battle of Harrics. Below the article you can see how and who happily ended. You can see the way of each rider from the first battle, until his retirement. Finally Dimitri took all the money and he absolutely deserved. Well, we can only hope that similar events will go again next year and perhaps with greater participation. So definitely a huge event will continue in other years in the (more…)

EFC 2010 – Registrations are opened!

efc 2010You simply need to be there. EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2010 is knocking on the door and you can now register into this fantastic contest, where whole European fingerboard community comes together. If you want to challenge many riders from many countries, you must hit the link and register to the contest. You can win prizes for 7500 czech krowns so 300 eur and fantastic prizes from event sponsors. Visit official web and register. We will meet there (more…)