European Fingerboard Cup 2010

efc 2010Here we go! Support the growing fingerboard community and take a part of this European fingerboard championship event. You can look forward to meet all famous fingerboard riders like Timo Kranz, ASI Berlin Team, Elias Assmuth, +Blackriver-Ramps+ fingerboard team or Martin Winkler. Take a ride on brand new Fast Fingers 13 World Championship +Blackriver-Ramps+ park or choose from many other available. All informations are available on the right side situated menu (more…)

Battle at the Harrics – report

Harrics 20.03. that is the magic date of this event. Now you can take a look at some photos and videos from this event. Probably some videos are in progress but I can tell you wha was it to be there. Now the important thing. Dimitri took all the 1500 euros with everyones respect. Second place is Jeldo Ulpts and Daniel Zeise on third. And guys created it very well. Marble table separated with lines where you need to land the trick between. You will be successful only with (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Tricktip: Backfinger Flip

TricktipAfter some time I have another tricktip here, one of my favorite tricks. This time it is not old school, but strange trick with unusual name – backfinger trick flip. You can not imagine how to perform this trick? I have for you only one advice: check out the video below. For those who know this trick I have one message: look at the video below, maybe you’ll like it. Next tricktip will be something loke ss fs kickflip, something a bit more traditional but no less heavier. So, see you next time, with another (more…)

Battle at the Harrics

harricsBattle at the Harrics is the famous videos from The Dirty Harry, where are always famous riders challenging each other in the game of skate. Now the dream comes true and this small gos games are going to be BIG! Yes, the Battle at the Harrics is going to organize first huge game of skate for 64 very best riders in the world. Also you can win 1500 euro as a prize money. Hope to be invited to the game? Yep, because it is the only way to get there. Another way is only like a visiter (more…)