Tricktip: Oldschool #1

tricktipPerhaps you thought that a series of interesting tricktip? abruptly ended. It is fortunately only your assumption wrong. Today I bring you another in order for the third tricktip. This tricktim I started the series a couple of old school tricks that I wanted to show you. At the end of the last piece I promised kickflip underflip, but unfortunately I did not handle so I could not teach others. But I can already say that he would be filling one of the other parts in the near future. Today’s trick is a basis in ff Impossible. I do (more…)

Video: Czech Television and Pomeranc show

Video The Czech Television is really busy and it is seen that the interest of fingerboarding is more and more serious. This was reaffirmed and was invited to brief chat turning into a TV show called Orange. Hulce was given the task to clarify any questions that are associated with fingerboarding, and I think it succeeded. Hopefully, these will be filming fingerboarding more and gets (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Dreamland trip

dreamland2nd of the December we meet with Swat Skates team and headquarters of the Blackriver-Ramps like every month. This meeting was in some way special and created few weeks back. And this is our small report from our trip. The journey starts at the Prague in front of Swat where we met. Long road was running really fast. We are talking about interesting topics so no one get bored. When we arrived, Thomas Hansen took as to take a look at brand new obstacles. Really luxury (more…)