Video: Pomeranc – European Fingerboard Cup 2009

Video EFC – European Cup Fingerboard already belongs to the annual fbr duties, and so even this year, the EFC was not without media participation. Of course, proved to Czech Television, and now it was possible to see yourself in television broadcast on a show called Orange, where the report was directed. It is a nice summary of EFC with everything that belongs to it. Lot of perfect (more…)

Tricktip: Double Impossible

tricktipAfter a short pause (the school is also important and time-consuming), I came out with a new series of tricktip of unusual tricks. The first of these will now be among the harder ones. For beginners and even the uninitiated it will be definitely tough. However, the trick is manageable and I’ll tried to explain it much detailed as possible and this video is more than 5 minutes long. Compared with the previous trick is that a lot more comprehensive and better overall. If you are ready then (more…)