Fingerboard Gallery 2

I created a small gallery following Fingerboard. You may remember that I put another gallery of interesting decks some time ago. Now here I serve at least 10 interesting products of fingerboarding. They are mainly board, as well as ramps. Write commentaries, which photo you like the most! Hopefully this series wont end and I will find another interesting products. There are a lot of products like these on the market, ony find them. So if I will put together next gallery, you (more…) session photos! sessionWe have small gallery of photos from the session. If you have some other photos and want to be published here, feel free to send them to the drspeak(at) and we will write another post with your photos. Photos by Ozzy and Honzayk. Gallery created by Honzayk. Photos will tell you more about whole contest and maybe some tricks are there. Well, take a look by yourself and you will see what is all about. Maybe we will meet on some (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6 session – report

reportAs we all know, the Saturday of 17th of October was pretty awesome day because there were session in the Prostejov city. DR.Speak prepared all the stuff and created cool fingerboard races for you. Whole thing was held in shopping center in Prostejov. The main point of this event was to present fingerboarding to the normal people walking around and to gain new blood to the community. Even before official start of the vent first riders was waiting around to (more…)

Tricktip: Bs 360 flip

TrickTipSo after a long pause, me Dandy returned to the activity and made you tricktip. Unfortunately, I make it myself, so the quality is not such as in more people and the scenes are static. This tricktip is not the last one and not the best on the other hand. I made it to the test and because we have democracy, so I wanted to know if you want more tricktips. These tricktipy wont be about common tricks, but the tricks that not everyone know them. Maybe the Tech Deck Cup I tried double Impossible, which (more…)

Video: BRR Trucks help

brr helpIf you are the lucky new owners of +Blackriver Ramps+ trucks you will surely watch this videos cause its exceedingly useful. This is especially the installation or repair of trucks which will explain Mike Schneider itself. Therefore, if something is bothering you with your trucks from +BRR+ so please feel free to look at the video, maybe you find an answer to your problem here. If not, you’ll need to solve the problem individually or seek help elsewhere. Good luck with (more…)