Filming for ?T

fingerboarding v televiziAs we said before, we will film something for Czech Television. We will say something about European Fingerboard Cup and about standard fingerboarding. It should be available sometime in the January and will be connected with another fingerboard report. Hope to be as much long as possible to fully enjoy fingerboarding in television. Last thing: it will be in P?tka v pomeran?i every Saturday at the 13:40 pm so watch it to see us in the tv. You will know something new about (more…)

Fingerboarding in Board Magazine

Yes, my friends, we hear it all the time. What I am talking about? Fingerboarding in media. Everyone love our small sport activity more and more and happily we can see it on every corner. Hope so. Swat Skates start to cooperate witn Board Magazine and in next issue there will be competition for prices form Swat. Its easy, if you want to win, go and buy it. And! Next week we will have here some people from television for shooting some footage for their reports. Stay tuned and (more…)

EFC Challenge Serial 6

Photo: EFC 2009

fotoMany stars from teams around the world, a lot of professional parks and countless visitors and riders. That is in short EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2009. We have a nice pictures from the event where you will find something of everything really. This time it really worth it, because we managed organing very well and everything according to plan. Community center in Ladvi slowly creaked at the seams under the pressure of visitors who come from all over the country. Also some other visitors from (more…)

Video: EFC 2009

videoWe have really a lot of videos from the EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2009. Therefore, lets cut thus text a little and we’ll tell you just some additional information. All you need to track such charges videos is a comfortable chair, the optimal distance of eyes from the screen and good speaker quality. If you want fully enjoy the atmosphere, you need join together all that things. So do not wait for anythink and start watching. Lot of tricks, familiar faces and remind the (more…)

Chill Session – report

chill sessionSome of us took a trip to the Prost?jov. There was a little chill session by the Kohoutek brothers. Honzayk and Hul?a arriver a day earlier to the dr.Speak house for some street basketball, football, gaming and usual stuff. Than we goes to the Prost?jov’s skatepark for some skateboarding and stuff like that. Train arrives in time so we goes to the Kostelec na Han. Parks were installed pretty low so it was unreal to ride something. Interesting (more…)